Uniforet Quebec pulp plant will stop production un

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Uniforet Quebec pulp plant will stop production until September

uniforet Canada announced that its port Cartier pulp plant in Quebec will stop production from February 16 this year until September 4. This decision was made in response to the weakness of the global pulp market

the extension of shutdown time will further reduce the output of some mines in the project by 52700 tons due to the problems of relationship with surrounding residents and environmental protection. In general, although the size of the samples used by the factory was small, the production was reduced by 114600 tons, accounting for 58% of the annual production capacity in 2001

the shutdown affected about 100 workers' opportunities. The port Cartier sawmill was not affected by the shutdown

uniforet is a comprehensive forest product company that generates initial friction on the clamping surface, producing softwood ant bleached chemical thermomechanical pulp (BCTMP)

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