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Ningbo: bagged water will gradually replace barreled water

the aftereffect of the "inner tank storm" of drinking fountains is not over. Recently, Ningbo drinking water industry association announced that Ningbo will launch more clean and hygienic bagged water, which is expected to meet the public as soon as March

the water capacity of this upcoming bag is 7.5 liters, and the outer package is somewhat similar to the fine packaged milk powder bag. After tearing off the outer package, the transparent flexible package is exposed. Put the flexible package in a special spherical connector connected to the water dispenser and press the button. 23. Weight of the host: About 250kg. It is the same as the existing barreled water. The connector has a beautiful appearance and is suitable for all kinds of drinking fountains in existing residents' homes. According to the current assumption, this special connector is provided by the drinking water plant, so the citizens do not have to increase their expenses or replace the water dispenser. At present, the price of bagged water has not been determined

it is reported that bagged water has been quite popular in European countries, and only Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places in China are promoting it. Compared with traditional barreled drinking water, bagged water has good sealing performance, and the shelf life can be as long as 6 months (the longest shelf life of barreled water is 2 months); The packaging bag of bagged water is a disposable product, which is made of food grade materials. When it leaves the factory, it is sealed with an outer package to make it easy to transport. At the same time, it also eliminates the possible secondary pollution caused by the repeated use of barreled water buckets. At present, three drinking water production enterprises in Ningbo are experimenting with bagged water. If successful, it will be available this month

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