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Small houses are mostly inhabited by young men and women, so the design tends to focus on modern and varied design, while ignoring some Feng Shui taboos. Xiaobian selected seven Feng Shui taboos of small house types, and shared experience with netizens ~

1. The height of the floor is lower than that outside the door

the height of the floor at home, and must not be lower than the height of the road or channel outside the door. In order to beautify and improve the quality of public space, some buildings add floor tiles and marbles to the public ground to improve the texture of the whole building, with an increase in house prices Although this is a good idea, it causes the outside to be higher than the inside, resulting in the financial situation of each household. Finally, each household moves and sells


lay the floor inside the house high, at least as high as the outside, or even a little higher

2. The bedroom must have windows

the bedroom must have windows. The space of small Suites is limited. Sometimes it is divided into two rooms, and there will be one bedroom without windows. Residents must remember that the bedroom must have windows, so that the light can be bright and the air can circulate. Many people think that when the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the windows should be closed so that the air conditioner will not be exposed and electricity will not be wasted. In fact, the air conditioner can only cool the indoor air, but it can't convection with the outdoors, and it can't eliminate the exhaust gas and carbon dioxide. Therefore, it's normal to stay in the air-conditioned room for a few hours and turn your head into a "fool"


it is best to open a window. If it is impossible, there is no way to move, so we have to use photocatalyst sterilization lamp, add dehumidifier and anion oxygen machine to change it, and ask the carpenter to increase the crack under the door to about 2 cm

3. The color of floor tiles and wall tiles should be light rather than deep

the color of the floor should be light rather than deep. Choose light and bright wall tiles and floor tiles, which can not only not easily hide dirt, but also increase brightness, make the mood cheerful, and avoid accidents. A few years ago, all black tiles were popular for a while, but they couldn't stand the test. They soon withdrew from popularity, and most of them were knocked out and redone


if the floor tiles in the bathroom and toilet at home are too heavy and dark, large pieces of light or white anti-skid mats can be paved to improve. If the wall tiles are too deep, you can choose to hang light colored sketches and large mirrors to adjust the vision and brightness





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