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On the occasion of the 315, San Fano doors and windows launched the "quality + benefit Wanjia" 315, which made a good start across the country, hoping to bring more benefits to consumers pursuing quality of life

3.15 consumer rights day

with the arrival of 3.15 international consumer rights day, "integrity, quality, service" and other keywords have frequently entered the public eye. Credit makes consumption more reassuring - this is the theme of this year determined by the China Consumer Association. San Francisco has always believed that only by adhering to the spirit of ingenuity can we win trust, adhere to good quality and service based on the market, meet the increasing consumer demand of users, and use good doors and windows to protect every warm family who trusts San Francisco. We are not just 3.15

quality first brand Zhisheng

San Fano doors and windows is one of the few enterprises that write quality and brand into slogan. "Quality first, brand Zhisheng" just a few words show that San Fano regards quality as the life of the brand. San Fano relies on xinhuaxing group to connect the upstream and downstream links of door and window manufacturing, such as technological innovation, profile processing, surface treatment, production and R & D, effectively ensuring the control and improvement of door and window product quality. Nine years like a day, focusing on building high-end brands in the door and window industry

quality + Huijia

to show gratitude and feedback, on the occasion of 315, San Francisco doors and windows graciously launched the "quality + Huiwanjia" 315, which made a good start nationwide, hoping to bring more benefits to consumers who pursue quality of life. Here, San Francisco headquarters solemnly promises to the majority of consumers that the price can be affordable and the quality will not be discounted. The "double commitment of quality and service" of San Fano doors and windows is not limited to 3.15

the 3.15 promotion of San Fano doors and windows is in full swing nationwide, with benefits of 315, appreciation of 315, special offer for the new year of 315, courtesy of 315, honor of 315! Good quality, good service, good benefits! Integrity 315, quality assured purchase. Thanksgiving is greatly promoted, and holy feelings are returned! The activity will last until March 31. If you want to buy affordable "good doors and windows", please go to the exclusive stores of San Francisco doors and windows for consultation and negotiation

credit makes consumption more comfortable

quality makes consumption more comfortable




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