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Feng Shui of family decoration is closely related to family members. Do you know what Feng Shui of decoration is about? Let's take a look at the following articles

Feng Shui in decoration

What Feng Shui in the setting of Feng Shui gate in house decoration

1. The iron gate in front of the gate should not be closed, or its shape is indecent, forming an iron rope or prison

2. The size of the gate should be proportional to the house

3. The gate cannot be deflected (the inclined gate is homonymous with the evil gate)

4. The color should not be black, but should match the five element orientation

5. The gate is worn and should be replaced as soon as possible

6. The gate cannot be directly connected to the rear door and window (chuanxinzhai)

7. The beam shall not be pressed on the gate

curtain decoration Feng Shui is exquisite

&mdash& mdash; The window faces

in the house type design, the window facing the glass curtain wall building. If the curtain is not used for decoration, the sunlight will be reflected into the house through the glass curtain wall, forming &ldquo& ldquo; Guangsha ”, Make it affect people's mood. At this time, you can install a gauze curtain and drop it until sunset to remove the evil spirit. Of course, if there are neon tubes outside the window, then the curtain will fall day and night

it will be auspicious to face the hospital or sharp corners, dirty things, etc. outside the window, but wooden shutters can be installed to avoid the invasion of evil spirits. It is appropriate to open them less at ordinary times

—& mdash; Curtain style and color

in the purchase of curtains, too thick curtain decoration will reduce family reunion, while gorgeous patterns will have rare visitors. At present, curtains with simple and plain patterns or patterns on the market can be said to be the best choice for people to choose home window decorations

although pink is the favorite color of girls, pink should not be used in the selection of curtains, because pink curtains will cause people to have neurasthenia, panic, uneasiness, easy to lose their temper, and quarrels are bound to happen often

—& mdash; Curtain matching

the color matching of curtain and ground should also avoid red and green, green and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple, so as to avoid bad psychological feelings. In addition, the matching of curtains with walls and furniture should be avoided as much as possible. For example, the matching of yellow walls with beige curtains seems harmonious. In fact, if you stay in such a color matching room for a long time, you will inevitably feel “ Halo &rdquo

—& mdash; Room size

among the curtain types, the long curtain on the ground can share a variety of quiet and warm atmosphere, but this premise is for a larger area of space. If it is used in a smaller room, the small window room will reduce the sunlight, so the small window is better to use the shutter that is easy to let a large number of light lines through

in a large room, cloth curtain decoration will be a good choice, because cloth curtains help sleep and block. The foreign restaurant is where the whole family eats in the restaurant, and white curtain decoration will become the first choice; In order not to turn people off when dining in a restaurant, you should avoid the appearance of gray, mustard yellow, purple or turquoise colors when choosing; Of course, if you are on a diet, blue, green and gray curtains can also help

what's the stress of Feng Shui in living room decorative painting?

first: what can be hung in living room decorative painting

1. You can hang still life paintings, landscape paintings, figure paintings, flower and bird paintings, etc.

2. In the decoration of hanging paintings at home, people who lack water had better choose nine fish pictures, or mandarin ducks playing in the water

3. Those who want wood can hang bamboo pictures to report safety and forest

4. People who lack gold choose an iceberg map best

5. Those who want soil can hang landscape paintings

6. You can hang red peonies that symbolize the wealth of plants and trees, lotus and Koi that are surplus every year, pine and crane that are healthy and long-lived, 100 pictures of Flowing Clouds with eternal blessing, 100 birds facing the Phoenix, frogs playing in the water, 100 horses, etc

in short, it is appropriate to take the content of being honest, imperceptibly influencing and edifying the body and spirit. It plays an extremely important role in boosting the spirit and face, adding to the icing on the cake, increasing prosperity, hope and expectation

second: matters needing attention in living room decorative painting

1. The color of flowers should not be too depressed, and it is better to be bright and elegant

2. If it is a landscape painting, you should observe the direction of its water potential. You must flow into the house, not outward. If the water flows out, you will lose money

3. Don't hang pictures with large and ferocious feeding patterns, such as tigers, lions, crocodiles, reptiles, etc.

4. Don't hang portraits and photos of your deceased ancestors. These portraits and photos can be hung in the study, but not in the guest room, because the paintings and photos of your deceased ancestors are sinister

5. The same is true for the galloping horse picture, and the horse head should be in the direction of the house

6. If there is a ship, it is best to turn the bow inward. The bow will lose money outward, and the bow will attract treasure inward





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