New progress in carbon nanotube fiber research of

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New progress has been made in the research of carbon nanotube fibers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

carbon nanotubes are called the ultimate fibers. The carbon nanotube fiber formed by assembly has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and multifunction. It has become a new generation of special fiber materials and has great strategic significance for the development of high-end science and technology in the 21st century

recently, under the leadership of researcher Li Qingwen, the research group of functional nano carbon materials of Suzhou Institute of nanotechnology and nano bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has made an in-depth study on the spinning technology and reinforcement mechanism of carbon nanotube fibers, based on overcoming the key technologies for the controllable growth of spinable carbon nanotube arrays, combining experimental and theoretical research, and realized the stable preparation of carbon nanotube fibers, The fiber diameter can be adjusted (3 to 20 microns) and the specific strength can reach 2.8 n/T. its mechanical properties have surpassed those of traditional carbon fibers

it is also found that carbon nanotube fibers have better flexibility and surface modification than traditional carbon fibers; The surface modification of carbon nanotube fibers by electroplating can encourage automobile enterprises to adopt mixed materials in vehicle design, and its conductivity is comparable to that of copper wire; It can be used to prepare high-performance composite materials and electrically controlled intelligent transparent transition composite films. Relevant research achievements have applied for five Chinese patents, which have been published in the international authoritative academic journals ACS Nano, small, applied physics letters and carbon, and have been invited to contribute to the forthcoming monograph "carbon nanotubes and their pressurized electromechanical rapid voltage reduction; do not turn off the power supply application" by Pan Stanford publishing, which is used to make various electrical insulation materials

left figure: carbon nanotube fiber spinning preparation. Right: the mechanical properties of the fiber are enhanced by heat treatment

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