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Food drying technology is one of the basic technologies used since ancient times, and it is also a key technology used to improve the added value of food raw materials in recent years. Recently, with the strengthening of HACCP awareness of food enterprises and consumers' requirements for high quality and more refinement of products, the drying process and conditions of food raw and auxiliary materials and the allowable processing errors are becoming more and more stringent. At present, the drying technologies commonly used in food processing include spray drying, belt drying, vacuum freeze drying, etc. in recent years, the newly developed and applied spray drying granulation technology, microwave and other composite drying technologies

development and latest trends of drying technology

as we all know, drying technology is one of the indispensable unit operations for food storage and quality improvement. It is a food processing technology that has been used by human beings since the beginning of history

drying methods include the most original natural drying method, hot air drying method using external heat, spray drying method, film drying method and freeze drying method. In recent years, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of drying operation, various new drying devices that successfully combine vacuum and pressure treatment have been researched and developed, making the food drying technology enter the latest development stage

natural drying is a technology that has been used for a long time in the history of food processing. It can be said that it has been used until the post-war convenience food and the drying technology has made new development. However, it is still needed by the food processing industry in certain special areas and can be used

three technologies, namely, spray drying, freeze drying and drum drying, are mainly applied in the manufacturing process of convenient food. At present, the relatively new drying technologies used in the food field include vacuum conveyor belt drying, vacuum dehydration drying, microwave and far-infrared drying, mobile layer granulation drying, etc

as for the development trend of drying device, like other food processing technologies, it is developing in the direction of exploring energy saving, land saving, paying attention to health and safety, adapting to the requirements of environmental protection, and further improving the high standard requirements of product quality

in particular, some new development trends have emerged in recent years. For example, Japanese food processing enterprises have gradually transferred their raw material processing bases to Southeast Asia in China, while their domestic large companies have taken the research and development of high value-added functional foods and new materials as a new development topic. Therefore, high-quality drying devices that pursue these new goals have emerged

in food production, high-quality drying technologies such as spray drying, freeze vacuum drying and vacuum belt drying, which are not harmful to food flavor and are not easy to cause discoloration and deterioration, are often used. On the other hand, due to the high operating cost of freezing and vacuum operation, considering the product quality and cost, the final low quality is the compromise point, so we have to switch to drum drying or other drying methods. In addition, there are also alternative methods for mixing with freeze vacuum drying products

however, due to the high production cost of high-quality drying methods, it is often necessary to adopt the pre-treatment method of concentrating the food materials containing high moisture and removing part of the moisture to reduce the cost. Especially for liquid materials, the water content can be reduced or removed through the combination of concentration drying and other unit operations. Now, there are more and more new systems called process compounding, which combine drying granulation, drying crushing, mixing drying and other unit operations to more effectively manufacture the required products

among various drying devices, there is also a new trend to combine the devices with significantly short raw material retention time and the devices with long raw material retention time, and to adopt the secondary drying unit for liquid raw materials or slurry raw materials respectively, so as to form an integrated production of powdery products. Especially when the finished product has low moisture content, the reason why the composite drying method should be considered is that when a single drying device is used, the drying device must be very large, the exhaust temperature is also very high, and the exhaust air volume is also very large. There is not only a new tendency to combine the two dryers, but also a new trend to combine the drying device with other unit operations due to the needs of different final product quality requirements

the advantages of unit operation compounding are as follows: it can prevent pollution and foreign matters from being mixed in the process from raw materials to finished products with a single machine; Reduce calorific value and product production cost; Miniaturization of equipment, compact structure and lower price; Achieve the goal of labor saving

in recent years, through the development of compound unit operation, the research, development and production of small drying devices have made leaps and bounds. Now, small-scale dryers can not only be used for research and development of new products, but also small and medium-sized food factories can be widely used as machines used in actual production

drying device aiming at high quality

spray drying

spray drying has become the most successful technology used in the food industry to produce instant powdered food since it was developed as a drying technology for skimmed milk in Europe in the early 20th century. BASF will regularly release product and activity information about plastics and related industries. Its feature is that liquid raw materials can be directly powdered products, which can be continuously processed in large quantities, and products with uniform particle size, excellent solubility and dispersion can be directly obtained without crushing process

most foreign dairy products factories mainly engaged in milk use the "MD spray drying device", which is developed and produced by Senyong engineering company. The spray dryer directly sprays the concentrated raw liquid into the drying tower in the form of fog. The small water droplets in the form of fog evaporate at the moment of contact with the heated air. With the hot air escaping from the steam exhaust port, the left materials dry into powder and fall to the bottom of the tower. This spray dryer is widely used by food factories and pharmaceutical manufacturers such as milk processing plants and is marketed overseas

the two-stage drying device "multi-stage spray dryer system" developed and produced by the Japanese powder company is a pipe loss free structure. By selectively delaying the residence time of large particles of powder in the hopper at the lower part of the exhaust chamber, the secondary drying effect is achieved. The height of the exhaust chamber is less than 50% of that of the previous vertical nozzle spray dryer. As a result, the powder that can not be treated by the traditional spray dryer - due to its strong cohesion, The lack of fluidity of powder materials here once again formed a single-stage drying effect, so it is easy to achieve the drying treatment. The dryer is of single structure, which is mostly selected by research institutes and small-scale production enterprises. It is suitable for small batch and multi variety production. The utility model has the advantages that the setting site is small and the price is low; Automatic washing for a short time; It is a binary hot air heating method without burnt paste; It can change the diameter of hot air inlet and outlet pipes and adjust the temperature according to the characteristics of different materials; The use of cooling cyclone dust collector to cool the finished products and many other characteristics have been highly appraised by the market. For example, Chiba factory of RIKEN vitamin company in Japan has selected this spray dryer for small batch and multi variety product production

in addition, PJ Phoenix, an air flow drying device developed and produced by the company, has also received good market evaluation. Its main features are that it can realize continuous drying without storage. SUS304 material is used, which has good health structure and safety, and is suitable for food material processing. Good thermal efficiency, high product quality, no scorch and discoloration. The price is low. Not long ago, jgj/t 23 (2) 001 company adopted marumiya rebound method to continuously treat tofu residue

the spray drying device "micro spray dryer" developed and produced by Fujisaki Electric Co., Ltd. has realized a new drying technology of producing 1 micron droplets at one time for spray drying into micro particle powder products

in the traditional spray dryer, although there are also experimental machines, 1 μ M droplet, but it is difficult to manufacture. In order to solve this problem, the key technology adopted by the company is the four fluid nozzle technology, which has been patented in Japan, the United States and Europe

generally, the general spray drying device is the pressurized nozzle of the rotary atomizer, which is a two fluid nozzle using compressed air. Even the two fluid nozzle with very small particle size is difficult to spray a large amount of one micron (1 μ m) Left and right powder products. Now, the particle size of 1 μ The diameter of the droplet of M can also be adjusted and controlled at will, and different kinds of raw liquid can be mixed at the tip of the nozzle to complete the operation of spray pulverization

since the nozzle used is a cleaning type external mixing nozzle, it can realize long-term continuous spray operation without worrying that the nozzle is blocked by adhesion. At the same time, various nozzles with different spray quantities can be produced by changing the edge diameter

the spray drying experimental machine used for research and development can produce fine powder products after a small amount of tests, and the same fine particles as the experimental machine can be obtained through expanded production. The spray machine is specially equipped with a glass window to confirm the real state of material spray. The experimental data can be confirmed by the screen image, and can also be printed out

the advantages of spray drying are short drying time, low temperature and less deterioration of color and flavor. At the same time, the process of directly preparing powder products from liquid materials is simplified to meet the requirements of energy saving and labor saving. Moreover, the structure of the device is compact, the required site area is small, and the equipment cost and transportation cost are low

vacuum belt drying

this is a method of coating liquid raw materials on the conveyor belt and drying them at low temperature under vacuum conditions. Since the product is dried at low temperature, the change of product quality is small. Because the dried powder has a porous structure, its solubility in water is very worrying

the vacuum belt dryer "swel-vaq" made by Japan Osaka production Institute is most suitable for drying high concentration and high viscosity materials in the form of liquid materials, slurry and paste. Vacuum drying at low temperature is a high-efficiency drying, so the cost is reduced

the porous structure of the dried product makes it extremely soluble and reducible in water. The treatment under low temperature conditions makes the loss of color, flavor and nutritional value of the finished product very small. At the same time, it realizes the continuous treatment of drying, crushing and so on after the raw materials are transferred from the storage tank to the vacuum tank. Therefore, the sanitary state is good, which not only prevents the microbial pollution of the dried product, but also prevents the oxidation of oil components

in the food field, this vacuum belt drying device is mainly used for drying dehydrated vegetables, soups, fruit juice concentrates, plant extracts, cocoa, beer yeast and malt extracts

chiyong Engineering Co., Ltd. distributes the continuous vacuum drying device produced by telopam, Switzerland in the market. It is the best choice for drying high concentration and high viscosity raw materials. The instant coffee powder made of liquid raw materials, slurry and paste materials can reach the same quality level as freeze-dried products

vacuum freeze drying

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