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new progress has been made in manganese, lead, zinc and beryllium prospecting in southern Xinjiang

experts from Xi'an Geological Survey Center of China Geological Survey have accepted the results of five sub projects of the second level project of "investigation and exploration demonstration of West Kunlun iron, lead and zinc resource base". The expert group believes that the five subprojects have completed the project objectives and tasks, achieved good progress and results, and agreed to pass the results acceptance

"1:50000 geological survey of mineral resources in kuoshbulak area, Xinjiang" project has found manganese bearing strata in the Nanhua Lower Ordovician Hongliugou group in kuoshbulak area, Arkin. After the preliminary engineering control of Hongliugou area, it has submitted 334 manganese ore resources of 17.95 million tons, with an average manganese grade of 20.8%, becoming another important manganese ore prospecting prospect in southern Xinjiang

"investigation and evaluation of iron and copper deposits in aksayi area, aketao County, Xinjiang" project has newly discovered manganese bearing strata in the lower Carboniferous Talong group in aksayi area. The manganese bearing rock series is about 1400-4000 meters long and 400-1500 meters thick. It has been submitted to two manganese ore prospecting targets in main wuluk and qiat, with manganese grades of 7.9% - 13.2%, providing a new direction for regional manganese ore exploration

remarkable achievements have been made in the peripheral work of huoshaoyun lead-zinc mine. The project "investigation and evaluation of peripheral minerals of huoshaoyun lead-zinc mine in Hotan County, Xinjiang" has newly discovered 10 lead-zinc prospecting targets such as Shishan south, Hongshishan and sachakou, indicating that the huoshaoyun lead-zinc ore belt extends at least 50 kilometers to the North and West, indicating that this area has great potential for looking for lead-zinc deposits. Among them, sachakou Pb Zn sb deposit (Zhangjiakou plans to build a new material science and Technology Park, Chongqing plans to build the largest plastic new material industrial base in the southwest, and Shaoguan, Guangdong starts to build a rare earth characteristic industrial park, even though the global economy is in a downturn) occurs in siliceous rocks, which provides a new direction for prospecting in this area, and also shows that there is a great prospecting potential for antimony deposits in this area

"1:50000 comprehensive geological and mineral survey of rare and polymetallic deposits in Dahongliutan area from Pishan County, Xinjiang to the end of 2013" project delineates 2 rare and polymetallic prospecting targets in the north of Dahongliutan. Among them, the average grade of beryllium in KANGXIWA beryllium rubidium ore bearing granite pegmatite vein is 0.08%, and the average grade of rubidium oxide is 0.035%; The average content of niobium oxide (tantalum) and associated rubidium oxide in the niobium tantalum rare polymetallic ore deposit in the south of kapidalangou is 0.029% and 0.017%, showing that rare polymetallic deposits such as beryllium, rubidium and niobium tantalum in this area have certain prospecting prospects

"1:50000 geological survey of mineral resources in the southeast of dabuor, Xinjiang" project has newly discovered rich iron ore prospecting clues in the eastern extension of zankan iron mine, summarized the metallogenic law of rich iron ore, and submitted three prospecting target areas

the results acceptance meeting showed that the level II project of "investigation and exploration demonstration of West Kunlun iron lead zinc resource base" made important progress in manganese, lead zinc and beryllium prospecting, further showed the huge resource potential of manganese, lead zinc and other large scarce minerals and beryllium and other strategic emerging minerals in southern Xinjiang, and further expanded the resource prospect of malkansu rich manganese mine, huoshaoyun Dahongliutan lead zinc lithium and other resource bases, It provides resource guarantee for the development of mining industry and poverty alleviation in southern Xinjiang, and is of great significance to promote local economic and social development

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