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Liugong's largest new container handling equipment came off the assembly line

Liugong's largest new container handling equipment came off the assembly line

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Liugong's 45 ton container front crane clg2450 was successfully brought off the assembly line in Liugong International Industrial Park recently. Clg2450 is the first large-scale port container handling equipment independently developed and produced by Liugong forklift company. Its international competitiveness continues to improve. Its emergence is an important milestone in the development of new products of the forklift company. It not only adds strength to Liugong's large-scale equipment family, but also fills the gap in the development of container port machinery in Liuzhou, an important industrial city

Liugong's largest new container handling equipment came off the production line

pangran, for example, the high-quality technology for degrading large organic substances

as a pioneer in the development of large equipment by forklift companies, Liugong's 45 ton container front crane clg2450 has a self weight of 75t and a rated lifting capacity of 45t, just like a giant. It is the largest, heaviest and most powerful product of forklift company with the most complicated hydraulic and electric control technology

it is large in size, and the technology adopting the concept of "attracting projects with platforms" is quite advanced. The technologies first adopted by Liugong 45 ton container front crane clg2450 include: research and development of super large structural parts, active safety protection technology, negative flow feedback control technology, constant power variable control technology, temperature variable cooling technology, full electronic control, intelligent control of touch operation, unified management of engine, gearbox, hydraulic system and braking system through CAN bus, etc

when determining the control scheme of the whole machine, the R & D team of the forklift company made bold innovations and developed the control system aiming at the international first-class standard. In full consideration of operation comfort and accuracy, the R & D team has designed and developed the digital control system of the whole vehicle. At the same time, the whole machine adopts full digital interface technology, multi language and fault automatic detection system, which makes maintenance very convenient

painstaking efforts for excellence

in the process of product development, forklift companies have created many records; From the determination of each system scheme to the official release of drawings, the project team spent less than 3 months, from the cutting of the first steel plate to the completion of installation, and the production and manufacturing time was less than 3 months, which is rare for forklift trucks to develop new products; It is rare in the industry that a brand-new super large equipment has been successfully developed in less than two years from the research to the production

in the development process, the forklift company integrates the craftsman spirit of excellence, unremitting innovation, honesty and dedication into the whole process. Since May this year, the members of the project team have been overloaded. During the 7-day National Day holiday, the members of the project team can be seen everywhere in the forklift company. They can often be seen after 10 p.m

the process of determining the design and process scheme gathered the wisdom of wangguoan, yuxujian and other senior experts of the company. Among them, the best scheme was determined for the structural parts from the four schemes, and the hydraulic and control systems were selected from the three schemes. When determining the modeling scheme of the whole machine, the forklift company, together with the British Industrial Design Institute, has gone through the development process from imitation to self renovation, combined with the mainstream product schemes at home and abroad, and integrated the VI elements of Liugong's product family, with smooth posture and exquisite details of the whole machine, which is natural

Liugong's largest new container handling equipment goes offline

the prospect of "Qiantu" is promising

Liugong's 45 ton container front crane clg2450 is suitable for container transfer sites such as ports and railway freight yards, and is mainly used for container handling, stacking and short-distance transportation. The main parts of the whole machine are exclusive front lifting parts made by leading foreign suppliers. The whole machine adopts advanced control system, which has the technical characteristics of high efficiency, reliability, energy saving, accurate operation, comfort and environmental protection. At the same time, the advanced design concept, refined manufacturing process and advanced manufacturing equipment ensure the product quality. Compared with domestic and foreign first-line brands, Liugong 45t container front crane clg2450 has the characteristics of comfortable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, high stability, safety, reliability and high maintenance

with the in-depth promotion of the "one road and one belt" national strategy, the depth and breadth of trade globalization are increasing. The state has increased investment in shipping and railway construction, and railway freight, waterway combined transport, container transport, etc. will usher in a golden period of development. The shipping industry is developing rapidly. Both the port cargo throughput and container throughput have maintained a high-speed growth. Basically, they are growing at a rate of more than 5% every year. The market demand for container frontal crane products will also increase. Liugong 45 ton container frontal crane clg2450 came out at this time. Good products catch up with the good time and have a good market prospect

at this time, Liugong forklift truck launched its 45 ton container front crane clg2450, aiming to build a high-end brand in the port machinery market, improve the company's product series, and forge the company's core competitiveness through technological innovation. (this article is from Liugong)

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