New products of the hottest Huagong technology are

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The new products of Huagong technology are listed in the key new product plan

recently, the new product of Huagong technology, "high-speed full self positioning hot stamping foil", was listed in the national key new product plan by the Ministry of science and technology

according to the person in charge of the company, the "high-speed full self positioning hot stamping foil" project adopts the new positioning hot stamping film pressing technology, and uses the proprietary laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technologies such as photochemical relief, invisible password and holographic plate making to directly hot stamp the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting pattern on the packaging materials, completely eliminate the reuse of the pattern, greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting effect, and can be widely used in the packaging and printing industry where the plastic rope seems to grow longer soon, And it can replace the vibration acceleration of imported 7

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