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On August 26, the new product conference of inveterate gooddrive300 inverter was grandly held in the Intercontinental Hotel of overseas Chinese town in Shenzhen, including well-known foreign enterprises and institutions including Infineon and t v South Germany group, as well as China industrial control, China industrial control, Huicong, China Textile machinery More than 20 authoritative media in the field of automation and application, including mm modern manufacturing, and more than 300 professional users from the fields of machine tools, textiles, rubber and plastic, lifting, building materials machinery, metal processing, etc., gathered in Shenzhen to jointly witness the grand launch of inveterate goodrive300 inverter in the world

the new product launch conference was first launched by liujidong, deputy general manager of inveterate, who opened the crystal ball on behalf of the company to unveil the mystery of goodrive300 inverter. Huang Shenli, chairman and general manager of inveterate, then delivered the opening speech for the whole launch conference with the theme of the development of inveterate group. In the following keynote speech of the launch conference, At the press conference, ranmingzhe, director of the low-voltage product line of NVIDIA, and zhangkemeng, general manager of the R & D center, respectively elaborated on the strategic planning, development and key technologies of the gooddrive product platform

Liu Jidong launches the crystal ball

Huang Shenli's speech

positioning high-end technology leadership

according to ranmingzhe, director of NVIDIA's low-voltage product line, as an important measure to consolidate the market position of medium and low-voltage inverter, NVIDIA is accelerating the transformation of high-end product structure. Goodrive is the brand-new name of the product line of inverter under the product line strategy, and goodrive300 is the first product launched under the product line strategy. In the future, inveterate will continue to launch goodrive600, goodrive800/900 and other high-end products for different applications, as well as special machines for different industries. The domestic production capacity and technical demand for new chemical materials will be expanded day by day. At that time, inveterate's high-end road will be more stable. Zhangkemeng, general manager of inverton R & D center, also mentioned in particular that goodrive300 inverter has gathered inverton's technology and application experience in the driving field over the years. The product development lasted nearly a year and has made a series of key technological breakthroughs, including speed sensorless vector control technology for permanent magnet synchronous motor, static self-learning technology for permanent magnet synchronous motor, static self-learning technology for asynchronous motor V/f low frequency oscillation suppression technology, v/f dynamic torque lifting technology, PROFIBUS and Ethernet communication technology. These core technology breakthroughs have ensured the continuous leading market position of goodrive300 inverter

press conference site

technology and fashion show originality

the whole new product press conference focused on the theme of being able to drive freely according to your needs, and highlighted the technical leading and reliable product features of goodrive300 inverter with technology and fashion techniques. Both the venue layout and the press conference link settings made the participants feel the ingenuity of inveterate

the sail shaped press conference signboard on the corridor, the 10 meter signature wall of the foreign minister and the huge landing goodriv, followed by the E300 three-dimensional logo in Africa and the Middle East, show the momentum of the new goodrive300 product to set sail, and also convey the advantages of the goodrive300 inverter that is not limited to one style and has excellent performance, implying that goodrive300 will become a landmark representative product in the domestic inverter industry. The shocking goodrive300 product Promo and vivid customer application VCR at the new product launch reflected the high-end technology and wide application of inveterate goodrive300, leaving a deep impression on the audience

stereoscopic logo outside the venue

sincere cooperation and development for win-win results

at the press conference, Dr. maguowei, a 10-year partner of NVIDIA and senior manager of home appliance motor drive market of Infineon Technology (China) Co., Ltd., the world's leading semiconductor company, expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the official listing of NVIDIA goodrive300 series inverter, At the same time, he delivered a keynote speech on the latest IGBT module used by the inveterate gooddrive300 series inverter, which enabled the inverter to reach a new peak with the latest IGBT technology, and explained in detail to the audience at the meeting. The plastic extrusion molding machine, which is the supporting subsequent equipment, is called an auxiliary machine, which guarantees the stability of quality and excellent performance brought by the latest IGBT module to the gooddrive300

at the press conference, Mr. Robert ostendorf, director of TUV South Germany group in South China and general manager of Shenzhen Branch, an international authoritative certification body, issued the first TUV mark Certificate in China's industrial control industry to inveterate. At the same time, Mr. Robert ostendorf said that inveterate goodrive300 inverter passed the comprehensive test of TUV and was approved to affix tuv-mark mark on the product, It shows the strong technical strength of inveterate and the quality assurance of inveterate products

inveterate adheres to international standards and strict requirements in all links from the purchase of raw materials to the production and testing of products. It has established a long-term good cooperative relationship with international well-known 50Hz enterprises. Both sides have common development and win-win cooperation

tuv awarding

the industry grand ceremony attracted worldwide attention

as the innovative work of NVIDIA in the field of low-voltage inverter, the new product launch of NVIDIA goodrive300 inverter became the focus of the domestic industrial control industry in 2011. At the press conference, the product display and system demonstration of goodrive300 inverter attracted a large number of visitors. In particular, the synchronous and asynchronous motor drive and spindle positioning demonstration systems have aroused great interest of the audience, and conducted warm exchanges with the on-site technical engineers, showing the customers' earnest expectations for the gooddrive300 inverter. At the same time, during the Q & a session of the press conference, the major media had a warm Q & A interaction with the company's senior management on market strategy, product positioning, channel system, and the company's horizontal expansion plan. The ipad2 lottery of fashion technology created a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the press conference. Such a warm scene made the participating media sigh: This is really a grand ceremony for China's industrial control industry in 2011

management answers questions

the mission adheres to excellence, and the bearing is innate! The official listing of NVIDIA goodrive300 inverter will, on the one hand, lead the technological development of the entire industrial control industry in China and drive the upgrading of the industry; On the other hand, it also carries the mission of the development of inveterate. As Huang Shenli, chairman and general manager of inveterate, said in his speech at the meeting, improving the utilization efficiency of resources, strengthening energy conservation and environmental protection, developing low-carbon economy and taking the road of sustainable development will be the best way to solve the plight of human survival. Based on the needs of the objective environment and its own development strategic objectives, inveterate will spare no effort to build three business segments: electrical transmission, industrial automation and new energy, implement the brand strategy, strive for global development, achieve leading products, technology and market, efficient management and strong profitability, and become the leading brand in the industry and the flag of the national industry

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