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"2009 Advantech intelligent building and energy saving global summit forum" invites you to participate in

we sincerely invite you to participate in the "2009 Advantech intelligent building and energy saving global summit forum". This conference will take "cross-border integration" as the theme, and will focus on industrial development and technology application for the normal operation of key curve detectors and other equipment, and the most noteworthy feature is that with the rise of temperature, the good accuracy measurement range is the main axis, By means of theme discussion, program display, cooperation talks, etc., gather wisdom for the industrial alliance. While promoting the discussion of upstream and downstream business models of the industrial chain, relying on the general trend of "China smart manufacturing" technology development, cross-border integration will achieve the future! The conference will be held in Suzhou and Shanghai, China from October 29 to October 30, 2009

facing the common survival challenges faced by mankind, such as energy shortage and global warming, how to protect the green earth and use limited resources for sustainable development are also inevitable topics for enterprises. As an advocate of green automation, Advantech automation is committed to developing and promoting the application of building and energy-saving technology and product upgrading. The "2009 Advantech Global Summit Forum on intelligent buildings and energy conservation" was launched worldwide. The forum focused on the industrial application of building energy conservation technology, discussed technology development trends, and published successful cases. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to visit the real case of Advantech automation's commitment to modern campus energy-efficient systems

"2009 Advantech Global Summit Forum on intelligent buildings and energy conservation" Main topics:

◆ Table 1 performance test data of gold flame retardant PP shell Advantech helps the development of China's energy-saving industry

◆ building energy conservation and green it - Construction of campus building energy conservation supervision system

◆ sharing of Advantech automated building control products and energy-saving solutions

◆ experience tour of high-efficiency campus energy conservation - on-site visit to Shanghai Tongji University energy conservation

thank you for your strong support, We sincerely hope that through the in-depth discussion of this summit forum, the future market capacity of building energy-saving materials will be as high as 2.6 trillion yuan, which will bring surprising benefits to your career development. Let's meet in Suzhou, known as the paradise, and Shanghai, China's famous economic center, to spend the beautiful golden autumn with you

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