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Activity site of healthy home shopping trip: invite consumers to drink paint

activity site of healthy home shopping trip: invite consumers to drink paint

January 7, 2011

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[Chinese paint information] can paint be drunk as a drink? you 're right! On the afternoon of January 3, Nanyang Hu's furniture held the Zhengzhou station activity of "healthy home shopping trip", which was such a scene

the event was held at Red Star Macalline home Plaza. At the scene, Nanyang Hu furniture invited seven consumers to the stage to experience and drink the paint used in the product. "The taste is OK, and there is no discomfort after drinking." Several experimenters said

2. Maximum dynamic experimental power: 10kn

in the face of competition, they will give up a part of profits to maintain market share on the same day, and also held the "17 yuan furniture second kill activity". As long as you can quickly press the answering machine in FM's hand with the maximum experimental force at this time, consumers will have the opportunity to buy a Hu's solid wood furniture for 17 yuan

"now families pay more and more attention to the environmental protection and health of furniture. Nanyang Hu's materials, processes, coatings, hardware and other materials are based on environmental protection and health." Zhang Lei, general manager of the marketing management center of Tianjin Nanyang Hu Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., introduced that Nanyang Hu furniture belongs to the solid wood series, with main materials from Australia and processes mainly from Germany

Zhang Lei also introduced that at present, Nanyang Hu's stores are directly operated in Tianjin, Nanjing and Shenyang. In 2011, Nanyang Hu will focus on the development of key cities such as Zhengzhou and Wuhan. "At present, Nanyang Hu has only two stores in Zhengzhou, but in 2011, we will open 5-6 stores in Zhengzhou, and will open an image store with an area of 600-1000 square meters in Zhengzhou. Our development strategy in Zhengzhou is to first open more stores and expand, at the same time, establish an image with healthy and green marketing, open the market at a price lower than that of other cities, and then seek a larger market share in Zhengzhou. In vivo," Zhang Lei said. He said that as a well-known solid wood furniture brand in China, Nanyang Hu's price in Zhengzhou is much lower than that of Direct stores in Tianjin and Nanjing in order to expand in Zhengzhou

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