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Invitation letter of 3D force control 2006 spring tour seminar

Dear customer:

Hello! It is my pleasure to invite you to attend the 2006 spring traveling seminar of Beijing Sanwei Force Control Technology Co., Ltd. Thanks to the love and support of users and partners for many years, 3D force control has made great progress in both product quality and market promotion. On the one hand, force control products improve and improve the quality of existing products, on the other hand, they also combine the development and characteristics of the industry to continuously develop new products. This activity spans April and may, and passes through 11 cities. The theme is "promoting automation with informatization - force control brings you a complete redundancy and hot standby solution". It will deeply promote the latest version of force control forcecontrol5.0, and work with industry partners to bring you a more flexible and complete industry automation solution, so that more users can benefit from it

we sincerely invite you to participate in this grand event, present exquisite gifts, and hold an on-site lottery. We look forward to your visit and guidance

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Beijing Sanwei Force Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and service of monitoring configuration software. Its core software products were first established in 1992. Driven by independent innovation, the company has gradually established a leading position in the domestic market.

Sanwei force control is an enterprise with lofty aspirations. Our mission is to become Siemens and ABB in China in the field of industrial automation To improve the automation level of national equipment manufacturing industry

the products developed by the company have won national key new products and provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards for many times, and won the project approval of the Innovation Fund for scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of science and technology in 2005

3D force control is a rapidly developing enterprise. Since its establishment, it has achieved rapid development and has maintained close cooperation with many internationally renowned automation enterprises after adding hot water to mineral water bottles

3D force control is a down-to-earth enterprise. "Enterprising, creative, solid and first-class" is our core value

3D force control is an enterprise that pays attention to R & D reserves. We invest 20% of our sales revenue in the development of new products and technologies every year. At present, many products are at the leading level in China

3D force control pays attention to the integration with the international market and actively expands the overseas market. In 2005, the English version and traditional Chinese version of configuration software successfully entered the European market on the basis of the original markets in Southeast Asia, West Asia, Central Asia and Africa

product development process

1992: the DOS version of force control was born

1994: the force control version was formed based on the 16 bit windows (3.1) with vanillin based phosphorus containing self flame retardant epoxy resin

1996: Force Control 1.0 based on 32-bit windows (95) was formed

1999: force control version 1.2 was launched and widely used in PetroChina Daqing natural gas company

2000: force control 2.0 was launched, and the book monitoring configuration software and application was published at the same time

2001: PC control software of force control "soft" strategy was launched

2002: force control 2.6 was launched, and Beijing 3D force control was officially established

2004: force control 3 series software launched

2005: the pfieldcommtm software of force control was launched

2006: force control version 5.0 software was launched

please contact the local office of 3D force control directly

meeting contact of Beijing head office:

contact person: Miss Xie

Tel:/ext. 8000

Fax: ext. 8004

email: xieml today, I'll talk to you about the processing methods of carbon fiber composites @

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