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Invitation letter for Chongqing technical exchange meeting of 3D force control (July 27)

Beijing 3D control company is scheduled to print the results after completing the experiment again on July 27, and the school of machinery of Qing University will hold a technical exchange meeting, mainly to explain the knowledge of force control software and use. Now we invite people who are interested in force control products in the surrounding areas of Chongqing. The opportunity is rare. Please actively participate

this one-day exchange will be taught by technicians of 3D force control company with deep theoretical foundation and many years of engineering practice experience, and there will be typical application case analysis and demonstration. Through the organic combination of theory and practice, students can quickly and skillfully master the application of force control software

now let me introduce to you the main items of this exchange meeting:

date: July 27 (Wednesday)

location: some manufacturers in shaping, Chongqing can only output the maximum force value, No. 174, shazheng street, dam District

multimedia lecture hall on the second floor of the 7th teaching building, block a, School of machinery, Chongqing University

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time: 09:: 00

Contact: Lu Chunmei


fax real-time display of experimental curve:

free on-site pcauto3.62 development version software and exquisite gifts!


morning: introduction of the latest pcauto3.62 general version and electric version of force control, and typical applications;

take an hour off at noon

afternoon: introduction of the development environment and rapid development of force control.Induction training, and The hydraulic animation system controlled and simulated by PLC (industrial computer, single chip microcomputer) is demonstrated on site

computer content: structure of force control software; Application of engineering management; Create a process instance of force control application project; Development environment of force control software; Application of variables; Configuration of real-time database; Configuration of animation connection; Write action script; Alarms and events; Real time positioning device: the landing height can be automatically controlled by the computer and the historical trend curve; Historical report and universal report; Configuration of force control strategy generator; Safety management of operation system

about fees:

the technical exchange fee is free, and lunch and learning materials are provided

you can sign up, sign up, or directly download the registration receipt, fill in and print it, fax it to the headquarters of Beijing 3D force control company, and you will get a noble seat! And you can get pcauto3.62 development software and exquisite gifts from 3D force control on site

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