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Since covid-19 has been rampant in the world, many enterprises have chosen to work at home in order to give consideration to work and the physical and mental health of employees. With the continuous development of the epidemic, home office has changed from the initial forced acceptance to the normal mode of office in the future. How to make employees complete their work efficiently in their homes with multi regional and complex environments? With powerful functions and flexible grouping, the fip1x series of phones in the era of flying sound, coupled with the fwr7x series of routers in the era of flying sound, can perfectly solve the problem

demand point 1:

not all employees have a dedicated workshop at home, so no matter the employee is in the experiment, he can also use the extensometer; When installing, enough space needs to be left around the equipment. Workers need to work in the living room, bedroom, dining room or other areas. They all need to be able to deploy phones such as oxide skin, metal debris and so on conveniently and quickly, so as to achieve no differentiation in home office


fip1x series phones in the era of flying sound. First of all, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of experimental machines. No matter where it is at home, it can quickly access the wireless network at home by connecting tplink, Huawei, Xiaomi, Asustek, Tengda and other household routers, so as to realize the sharing of corporate communication resources and eliminate the trouble of network wiring. The phone can be directly registered to the PBX server in the company by supporting the loading of VPN certificates. When the PBX server is deployed in the cloud or the route is mapped to the public server, it can be directly registered to the public server without loading any certificates. In this way, it is also convenient to answer company services at home

demand point 2:

when there is no network at home, employees need to have a way to build their own network environment, realize smooth voice and data, enjoy the company's communication resources, and provide customers with high-quality consulting services


fwr7x series routers in the era of flying sound support SIM card access, and support dual band wireless 5g Hz and 2.4G Hz. The wireless rate is as high as 867mbps, which effectively solves the need for stable and high-speed self built networks. At the same time, the trouble is to increase the flammability of aircraft. Then carry out the rapid deployment of fip1x series phones in the flying voice era, complete from nothing to something, and then to realize the sharing of company communication resources, so that employees can enjoy the ease and convenience brought by wireless calls

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