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China Mobile advances iPad and talks about introducing iPhone with apple

yesterday, Wang Jianzhou, chairman and President of China Mobile, said that he was still negotiating with apple to introduce iPhone. At the same time, China Mobile is also very interested in iPad, which is also the first telecom operator in China to clearly show goodwill to iPad

iPad is a mobile device with Internet browsing, email, games and other functions recently launched by apple

the sales volume of iPad reached 1million within 28 days after its launch, setting a new record for Apple's product sales. On May 28, iPad will be launched in nine overseas markets, including Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In other words, China is not on the list. At present, there is no new news from apple but the company with different coordinates

last week, China Mobile launched its reading business, one of which is e-book. According to the report, Wang Jianzhou said that the tablet computer is a kind of media for consumers to choose as we have also achieved the concept of relative quality and price in terms of price

industry analysts believe that since the product involves 3G, the swing angle of Apple iPad in China can be defined as a mobile communication terminal, and its Wi Fi function also needs to be compatible with the Chinese wireless standard WAPI. It is difficult to predict who will spend it

at the same time, Wang Jianzhou said that the company would also propose to apple the cooperation intention to develop a new generation iPhone based on the 3G standard TD-SCDMA developed by China. Previously, China Unicom has reached a cooperation with apple to vigorously promote the sales of iPhone in the mainland of China through the technology promotion of large quantities and a wide range of basic raw materials such as steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemicals, light industry, textiles and building materials

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