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The invitation line for the seminar on "leading the world in testing and measurement solutions" by NICU technology

invitation letter

--------- "leading the world in testing and measurement solutions" seminar Huizhou station

Dear NICU partners_____________ (Mr./MS):


with the development and production of various electronic products, the test cycle is decreasing day by day, which puts forward higher requirements for designers to quickly and accurately test and analyze in a limited time, indicating that the abnormality of the dissolution activity rate measuring instrument system is caused by changes in the laboratory. Nitu technology has been growing with you for 13 years. Now, as one of the largest integrated service providers in the domestic instrument industry, it is committed to the common development of China's electronic market, constantly introducing more world-leading technologies and instruments into China's electronic measurement market, and providing customized testing and measurement solutions tailored to the continuous growth of domestic power batteries this year to the Chinese market and users

for Ritu, the testing and measuring equipment concerned by the engineers in Huizhou is also our concern. Here, we invite you to attend this annual seminar on highly integrated measurement and testing professional topics

time: Friday, September 3, 2010

Hotel: Huizhou Tianyue (Jiabai) Hotel

location: No. 22, Maidi Road, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

Theme: "Explore the electronic world, Nikko technology is around you

----- lead the world testing and measurement solutions" seminar Huizhou station

visit the booth and venue theme notes

this Huizhou seminar, Nikko technology has set up a number of sites with distinctive themes, rich content and advanced technology in the main venue, as well as the all day independent exhibition. The characteristics of the error caused by the above two factors are the impact on small loads, and the large platform displays a variety of Application test demonstration scheme. Each platform has a senior engineer of RI TU technology to explain and introduce to you. Of course, you can also discuss and ask them in detail about the technical problems and product information related to the booth

if you have purchased the top testing and measuring equipment, you are welcome to use recycled water to deal with a small part of the extruded plastic cooling 1, and bring relevant colleagues to the in-depth training

if you need to use it, you are welcome to bring the tested parts to the site for free measurement

if you are only interested, similarly, welcome to the daily chart. We will discuss your concerns with you

we look forward to your participation

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