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American satisfaction survey: iPhone se ranks first

in terms of brand, the top three with the highest satisfaction are apple, Samsung and Microsoft (Nokia), and HTC in Taiwan ranks fifth; In terms of a single product, the 4-inch iPhone se ranks first in terms of satisfaction, surpassing Apple's iPhone 7 plus and Samsung g "alaxy S6 edge+ according to the newly released report" global elastomer market analysis "

the American customer satisfaction index (ACSI) released customer satisfaction survey reports for 43 industries this week. In the industry sector, Apple's iPhone se has the highest customer satisfaction, with a satisfaction index of 87, followed closely by iPhone 7 plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

ACSI said that the industry has not changed much in the past four years, and the average satisfaction index of customers has remained at 79. In the view of manufacturers, customers are the most satisfied with apple, with a satisfaction index of 81, while Microsoft (Nokia brand) and Samsung are tied for the second place, and the satisfaction index of various material testing tensile machines is 80

although Samsung's Note 7 had a deflagration, it was fully recalled only two weeks after it was launched, so it was not included in this investigation, which enabled Samsung to maintain the second place, and there was a strange phenomenon that the bidding price was significantly lower than the production cost of qualified products

followed by apple, Samsung and Microsoft are HTC and Lenovo (Motorola), both of which achieved a satisfaction index of 76

in terms of models, American customers are the most satisfied with the 4-inch iPhone se, with a satisfaction index of 87%. The satisfaction index of the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 plus and the 5.7-inch Galaxy S6 edge+ is 86. The third is the 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 edge, with a satisfaction index of 85. As for Motorola's Moto g and LG G4, the satisfaction index is 75 and 73 respectively. The lowest satisfaction is 70% of Samsung Galaxy core prime

david vanamburg, managing director of ACSI, pointed out that the overall trend of Smart has been towards a larger screen over the years, but it is clear that consumers are still eager for a smaller and cheaper new generation, such as the iPhone se

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