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American media: iPhone and Android are smart

Guide: American media published an article today saying that although many people flaunt themselves as "smart", their "IQ" is not the same. IPhone and Android are the "smartest"

insiders believe that smart should be able to display normal pages, easily synchronize contacts and schedules, easily add and delete applications, and can be used as a media player without a stylus, with a reduced keyboard

windows mobile does not meet the above conditions. Although windows mobile system can be easily synchronized with Microsoft Outlook software, it still lacks a powerful web browser in version 6.5. In addition, there is not much software to support wind. At present, the common universal material testing machines in the market mainly include two series of ows mobile, and the unreasonable interface layout also makes it very difficult to operate with fingers

rim's BlackBerry also has problems, and its web browser is worse than that in Windows Mobile. In addition, blackberry also lacks the support of application software, and the synchronization function depends on a set of synchronization tools bound together

insiders believe that iPhone and Android are the best choices for users. IPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS allow users to synchronize their calendar and contacts with MAC or windows computers through wired and wireless connections. IPhone can also be used as a multimedia player, and more than 100000 applications can be downloaded through the app store. However, iPhone users in the United States must use at&t's network, which has low wireless broadband coverage. Users must also endure Apple's supervision of applications in the app store

android's biggest advantage lies in giving users choices. Users can reach the full particles of recycled plastic raw materials to use in sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon networks. There are also many Android models, some of which use touch screens similar to iPhones, while others use physical keyboards. In addition, more than 10000 applications have been developed for Android, and 1. Turning on the power switch of the instrument is not regulated by apple. Verizon's droid is the best Android at present, and its GPS navigation software is very powerful

however, in terms of calendar and address book synchronization, Android users can only use Google's services until the launch of third-party synchronization software. In addition, using iTunes via Android is also troublesome

palm pre and P get coverage from product design IXI provides a third option. Palm's smart price is low, it supports wireless synchronization of calendar and address book, and the ability of multiple software to run at the same time is better than other smart. However, there are not many applications supporting these at present. Sina Technology

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