IPEX, the world's second largest international pri

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IPEX, the world's second largest international printing exhibition, entered a 500 day countdown

on November 14, 2012, with 500 days remaining before the official launch of IPEX 2014, the world's second largest international printing exhibition, at the eXecel International Exhibition and Conference Center in London, England, this major event involving the printing and packaging industry also began to enter a countdown phase. It is reported that IPEX 2014 has attracted the keen attention of top exhibitors and professional visitors in the global printing industry. More than 225 enterprises have signed up for the exhibition, including 67% of the exhibitors in the previous exhibition, which has confirmed their participation, accounting for 63% of the total exhibition area

the exhibition organizer promised to present a high-level exhibition to the industry. Informa printing and media group recently made an in-depth report on the global market to analyze market changes, focusing on emerging markets such as China, South America, and India. This strategic study aims to explore the interrelationship between the global printing industry market and important trends, population distribution, digital influence and emerging technologies. Feeders will respond to the needs of IPEX 2014 visitors Heavy exhibition viewing "Comparing the polyethylene resin containing Weston 705 with that containing traditional solid antioxidant, and how IPEX will maximize the value of the printing industry market, we reply and elaborate our opinions.

under the premise of the current diversified development of the industry, it is very important to clarify the market demand for building IPEX 2014 into a successful global exhibition in the printing industry. Our research and industry analysis agencies have been compared with thousands of Companies in the global printing industry Professionals communicated on the necessity of the development of the testing machine and collected their opinions on this major exhibition. Once this research comes to a conclusion at the end of this year, we will share the latest changes in the printing industry. Trevor Crawford, director of informa printing and media group, commented

the results of the study as a whole will also be used to clarify the innovation direction of IPEX 2014. This includes the integration of cross media and IPEX 2014, and the VIP procurement project plan of taking £ 1million off the shaft sleeve, covering roadshows in 16 countries around the world, the global printing industry summit forum and the decision to take execel Avenue as the main access

Crawford then added: I'm very glad to see that many exhibitors in the printing industry have made positive feedback on IPEX 2014. The research results will ensure that the exhibition meets the real needs of the market. Please pay attention to more highlights in the upcoming early 2013

similarly, Nick Craig Waller, marketing director of IPEX 2014, also expressed his views on this. I'm looking forward to new breakthroughs and greater progress in IPEX 2014 in the next 500 days. I hope this exhibition will reach a new high in the number of exhibitors and visitors. IPEX 2014 is undoubtedly the best platform for investment, research and cooperation in the global printing industry in 2014

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