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Nearly six of Suzhou's four categories of products have the problem of excessive packaging

yesterday, the quality supervision department announced the results of metrological supervision and inspection of quantitative packaging products and commodity packaging in the second quarter of this year. It is understood that among the tea, zongzi, cosmetics, health food and other four categories of products from nearly 60 production enterprises and circulation fields, only 103 of the 228 batches passed the inspection, with a pass rate of only 45.2%, that is, more than half of the products had the problem of excessive packaging

the so-called excessive packaging refers to that the outer packaging of goods exceeds the normal packaging function requirements, and its packaging void ratio, packaging layers and packaging cost exceed the necessary level, which will cause waste of resources, damage the environment and damage the interests of consumers. In this regard, the quality supervision department will deal with the local production units that violate the rules according to the sampling results in the near future. In this regard, the Chinese government has set a lofty goal, and at the same time, it will cooperate with the industrial and commercial departments to investigate and deal with the unqualified products in the circulation field according to law

the quality supervision department conducted special supervision and inspection on packaged products

through this measurement supervision and inspection, the quality supervision department found that among 125 batches of over packaged goods, 13 batches of health food produced by local enterprises were unqualified, 8 batches of 22 batches of cosmetics were unqualified, 1 batch of 20 batches of tea were unqualified, and 18 batches. In the field of circulation, 41 of the 48 batches of health food were unqualified, 23 of the 52 batches of cosmetics were unqualified, and 34 of the 37 batches of tea were unqualified. The excessive packaging in the circulation field is more serious. For the above unqualified production and commodity enterprises, the quality supervision department said that it would issue a notice of non conformity in measurement supervision and random inspection in time, requiring them to rectify within a time limit

at the same time, the supervision and inspection also spot checked the quantitative packaging of rice, flour, tea, zongzi, paint, coating, wire and cable and other products of nearly 30 production enterprises, totaling 67 batches, of which 65 batches passed the net content measurement inspection, with a pass rate of 97%; The qualified net content is 65 batches, and the qualified rate is 97%, which is in good condition

what are the mysteries of commodity outsourcing

why are there a large number of over packaged goods on the market? Lao Weiliang, director of the Metrology Department of Suzhou Bureau of quality supervision, interviewed yesterday. He said that there is a strong market demand for over packaging of goods, because many people are more willing to buy those beautifully packaged and atmospheric goods when giving gifts during the New Year holiday, such as tea, alcohol and health food. In addition, over packaging is also directly related to the pursuit of greater interests of businesses

Lao Weiliang explained that excessive packaging can be roughly divided into four categories: gift type, window opening type, filling type and coping type. At present, a considerable number of businesses will launch a series of gift boxes before and after holidays and before and after seasonal products are launched. These gift boxes have more over packaging. However, due to its short sales cycle, the relevant departments have certain difficulties in supervision

after the experiment, we found that the main problem of most over packaged goods is that the packaging void ratio is particularly large, or the number of layers of packages is large, which violates the requirements of relevant national standards. Lao Weiliang said that according to the "requirements for restricting excessive packaging of goods (food and cosmetics)" (GB), the packaging void ratio of health food, cosmetics and tea should not be higher than 50%, 50% and 4 respectively. Then the type selection should be determined as 5% according to the experimental data, and the number of packaging layers should be 3 or less

at the same time, 3. The foam performance test increases the packaging cost to avoid merchants pursuing other functions. The standard requires that the sum of all packaging costs except the initial packaging should not exceed 20% of the commodity sales price. However, there are no laws and regulations against excessive packaging of goods in the province for the time being, and the relevant departments can only refer to the regulations for the implementation of the standardization law issued in 1990 when carrying out law enforcement inspections

Lao Weiliang told that although Suzhou did not include provisions on the restriction of excessive packaging in the measures for the supervision and administration of measurement of Suzhou implemented on January 1 last year, they would strive to include the content on the restriction of excessive packaging when the regulation was revised. In addition, in the next step, the quality supervision department should strengthen supervision and inspection, carry out special supervision and inspection at the municipal level every year, and seriously deal with violations of mandatory standards according to law

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