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Shandong Heze registered to participate in the testing room, nearly half of the formaldehyde exceeded the standard

Shandong Heze registered to participate in the testing room, nearly half of the formaldehyde exceeded the standard

April 20, 2012

[China paint information] the love testing activity of the ant volunteer group of Qilu Evening News has been welcomed by the majority of readers since it was launched on March 14, and they have signed up for the activity. Up to now, the results of the tested families have come out

among the lucky families who received the opportunity of free love testing, except for 2 families who were not able to contact and did not receive the testing, the testing of the other 30 families has been completed after the early registration, household sampling, late testing and other processes, and the testing reports have been taken away by the citizens in succession

"the test reports of all households have been released, and only 16 households have passed the test." On the morning of the 18th, the staff of Heze Institute of product quality supervision and inspection said that the indoor formaldehyde detection of all households who signed up for the love test has come out, and the results are worrying

according to statistics, a total of 30 newly installed houses with decoration time within one year were tested, of which 14 households' indoor formaldehyde test results showed that they were unqualified, and the most serious formaldehyde exceeded the normal coefficient by 4 times. Among the other 16 families that passed the test, 9 were qualified, but the formaldehyde content was very close to the qualified line

"strictly speaking, there are only 7 qualified, less than 1/4 of the total." The staff member told that judging from the test results, in order to help provide necessary oxygen, nutrition, fluids and drugs, at present, the formaldehyde exceeding the standard in the decoration of new houses of Heze citizens is very serious

it is learned from Heze zigzag fixture home decoration market that every spring is the peak season of home decoration, and many people who buy houses choose to decorate at this time in the current international competitive environment. At this time, major decoration companies are also the busiest time of the year. During the whole process of tracking this love detection activity, it was found that most of the residents who obtained the love detection knew more about the harm of formaldehyde and paid attention to the selection of environmental protection materials during decoration. However, from the detection results, it was found that the formaldehyde of most families still exceeded the standard

the professional inspectors of the quality supervision institute told that now more and more citizens begin to pay attention to the indoor air quality and understand that formaldehyde exceeding the standard is harmful to their health. However, most citizens will still have a little luck with the situation in their homes with low elastic modulus, and feel that as long as they pay attention to the selection of materials during decoration, there should be no problem

"through our testing, in addition to letting the tested residents know the formaldehyde content in their homes, we also want to let more citizens realize the seriousness of exceeding the standard of formaldehyde in Heze home decoration through this activity." Although this love testing activity has ended, professional testers remind citizens that they should pay attention to indoor air quality. After the decoration of new houses, it is best to go to professional testing institutions for air quality testing. Once formaldehyde is found to exceed the standard, you can choose some formaldehyde removal products and ask professional formaldehyde removal companies for help

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