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The neglected technical principle of the vacuum cleaner in the cement plant

the neglected technical principle of the vacuum cleaner in the cement plant - Shanghai Sicheng industrial vacuum cleaner

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I remember that when I was a child, there was a small cement plant near the village. I passed there every time I went to school, and I covered my mouth and nose with my hands every time I passed by to avoid inhaling too much cement ash. At that time, the cement plant was dusty in sunny days and muddy in rainy days. When encountering bad weather, it was definitely an artificial sandstorm

however, with the continuous development of industry, the current cement plant has long been different from the past. Today's cement plant can be as clean as a five-star hotel

this is certainly exaggerated, but it has to be said that the environment of the cement plant has indeed changed a lot. In fact, the transformation and change of the cement plant, on the one hand, benefit from the increasing awareness of environmental protection of cement enterprises, on the other hand, it is also inseparable from the innovation in management

in addition to the basic protection configuration, today's cement plants also have some large-scale formal dust removal equipment. The special industrial dust collector for cement plant is one of the dust removal protection equipment. You may not be very familiar with the industrial vacuum cleaner in the cement plant, so let's talk about it next

industrial vacuum cleaners can be simply divided into general cleaning use and production auxiliary use. For general cleaning vacuum cleaners, the requirements for machines are not high, and general small vacuum cleaners are fully competent. Industrial vacuum cleaners used as production aids have relatively high requirements, such as long-term continuous operation of the motor, no blockage of the filtration system, high accuracy requirements of the filtration system, explosion-proof and other different requirements

the cement dust in the cement plant has the characteristics of fine, large and thick, which is different from the dust in other industrial plants that must be amplified to reach the required value. Its cleaning difficulty coefficient is also relatively large, so the industrial dust collector in the cement plant will be different from the dust collection equipment used in other plants. It is mainly reflected in the following three aspects

1. High power

compared with other industrial equipment, the industrial vacuum cleaner used in the industry of cement plant will be relatively larger in power. According to the size of the plant and the amount of dust, what type of industrial vacuum cleaner to choose will be determined. Generally speaking, the power of dust collectors in cement plants is probably between W

2. Suction

due to the characteristics of cement dust, the powder is also different from others in terms of suction. The size of suction determines whether the dust on the factory floor can be sucked clean. If the suction of vacuum cleaner equipment is insufficient, then the dust cannot be completely sucked. Therefore, the suction of industrial vacuum cleaners in cement plants is generally above MBR

3. Capacity

the vacuum cleaner of the cement plant also has a certain capacity. The capacity of the vacuum cleaner should not be less than 100 liters. If it is less than 100 liters, the industrial vacuum cleaner will be too cumbersome to use. After removing the dust for a while, you need to stop working to dump the dust and garbage in the garbage can. In this way, it is not conducive to better cleaning. Therefore, the garbage capacity of the vacuum cleaner should not be too small

compared with ordinary vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners have the advantages of longer use, high temperature resistance, large dust storage capacity, continuous 24-hour work, strong suction and so on. The case shell and garbage can are made of steel plate or iron plate, which can effectively protect the motor from damage and affect the operation. Industrial vacuum cleaners basically have no requirements for what is sucked, and all kinds of waste media can be sucked

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