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The total investment of 320 million mold casting project was completed in Neiqiu

on the morning of August 6, in the casting workshop of Hebei shuokai Casting Co., Ltd., the golden molten iron was slowly injected into the sand mold after heating and slag removal. So far, the ignition test furnace of shuokai mold casting project has been completed

in the morning of August 6, in the foundry workshop of Hebei shuokai Casting Co., Ltd., the golden molten iron was slowly injected into the sand mold after heating, slag removal and other processes. So far, shuokai scientific innovation, 3linggas, Sinopec 3linggas, Zhejiang tiedafeng, Lotte cutting-edge materials, and Taihua luminescence inspection will start the mold casting project and complete the ignition test furnace

as one of the 17 newly introduced projects in Neiqiu County in 2012, after the production of three projects, including Gaoli thermal insulation material development product based automobile tires and materials project, Fangyuan metallurgical machinery project and Chaoyan slag powder project, the shuokai mold casting project with a total investment of 320 million yuan has also completed the preliminary construction and initially has the production capacity

according to the research of Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, the project is located in the Central Park of Kangzhuang East Road Industrial Park in Neiqiu County, covering an area of 60 mu. It mainly produces die castings for automobile panels and machine tool bed castings. It takes an average of two years from foundation laying to commissioning to build similar factories across the country. Since the foundation of shuokai mold casting project was laid in March last year, it took only 16 months to complete it in advance and officially ignite and test the furnace

from the application of various procedures in the early stage to the handling of specific items in various aspects such as water, electricity and road involved in the process of project construction, the county leaders personally coordinated, and all departments actively cooperated and provided door-to-door services, which saved a lot of valuable time for the completion of the project. Wang Yanbin, general manager of shuokai Foundry Co., Ltd., said that he didn't know that it was tedious and complex to build and debug so quickly without running an enterprise, Can not do without the strong support of various departments in the county

according to Professor Liu, who has rich experience in the automotive mold casting industry, the design production capacity of the project is to produce 20000 tons of large and medium-sized castings such as automotive panels and machine tool beds. Such a production scale ranks second among the automotive mold casting enterprises in the province

in order to win the market competition, shuokai benchmarked the world's leading mold production enterprises, hired experts, professors and professional technical workers, and adopted the full mold casting process known as the 21st century casting revolution. According to Professor Liu Gensheng, full mold casting is a green casting process, which is at the forefront of the current casting industry. There is no dust and smoke pollution, and the produced molds are more accurate and realistic

steel and steel products are the leading industries in our county. After the shuokai mold casting project is put into operation, the molten iron of the steel plant is used as the production raw material in the form of hot charging, and the corresponding alloy components are added after heating in the medium frequency electric furnace for mold casting, which makes full use of the existing resources, that is, the axial tension of the specimen under the action of axial load can reduce the emission, reduce the cost, and also extend the industrial chain of steel and steel products. Yan Zhenfa, director of the office of the enterprise, said

in the mold casting industry, it is inseparable from technological research and development to be in the forefront of others and strive to be a leading enterprise. Wang Yanbin said that at present, the enterprise has signed a project R & D cooperation agreement with Hebei University of technology to jointly commit to the R & D and trial production of high-end technology, drive product updates with high-end technology, and win more market share with excellent products

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