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Qixia hdf2 return circuit breaker q/zzm one-way valve is popular

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product brand Yuze product model hydraulic support production City Shandong shipping City Jining total supply 100000 minimum initial order hydraulic pressure control part as long as the components are electro-hydraulic proportional valve and 3-position 4-way electromagnetic directional valve 1 product unit price 12 measurement units product details

Qixia hdf2 return liquid The circuit breaker q/zzm check valve is a popular

fdh400/31.5 return liquid circuit breaker. Its main purpose is to prevent the liquid flow of the main return liquid pipeline from returning to the rack, causing the misoperation of each hydraulic working element of the support; At the same time, it can realize the maintenance of any support (closed at the same time with its liquid inlet stop valve) under the normal operation of the pump and other supports. Fdh400/31.5 return circuit breaker valve rated working pressure: 31.5Mpa rated working flow: 400l/min diameter: kj25/kjb40 size: 95 × 55 weight: 1.2kg type one-way valve material carbon steel model fdh400/31.5 scope of application mine support equipment product alias liquid return circuit breaker nominal pressure 31.5 (MPA) type (channel position) straight through connection form threaded parts and accessories accessories accessories driving mode hydraulic control main material carbon steel fdh400/31.5 type liquid return circuit breaker valve is characterized by Polyoxymethylene cone sealing structure. The one-way valve has simple structure and convenient manufacture. Scope of application of fdh400/31.5 return circuit breaker valve: it is applicable to installing the return circuit breaker valve between the control valve and the main return pipeline, and it is used at the same time with the stop valve of the rack. It is convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting. Fdh400/31.5 return circuit breaker valve is a one-way valve composed of O-ring, retaining ring, spring, valve core and valve shell. Its valve is a metal and valve gasket sealing structure. Fdh400/31.5 return circuit breaker valve, return circuit breaker valve for hydraulic support, fdh320/31.5, fdh200/31.5 return circuit breaker valve

our company makes every effort to build valves, filter elements, torque wrenches and other products, and supplies fad125/50 safety valves, fjq200/31.5 (qj/32) fjq80/31.5 (qj/10) spherical stop valves for hydraulic support, fjp400/31.5 flat stop valves, fjz400/31.5 conical stop valves, fhs200/31.5, fhs80/31.5, Fhs125/31.5z electro-hydraulic control directional valve, fdh400/31.5, fdh400/31.5 return circuit breaker valve, fdy320/50 hydraulic control check valve, fsp200/31.5 water spray valve, DZF? 00B three-way valve, fzc160/31.5 differential pressure combination valve, fdd200/40 one-way lock, fds125/40 two-way lock, fjp125/31.5, fjp200/31.5 plane stop valve, dfb20/8 electric ball valve, fyp13 automatic spray control valve and other valves

the third level electric furnace thin slab continuous casting short process production plant currently has four steel companies with a production capacity of 6million tons. By 2007, the number will increase to 12, and the production capacity will reach 31million tons. China's medium and heavy plate product sector is still expanding its production scale. At present, China has 18 large-scale plate production plants and 3 small-scale plate production plants, with a production capacity of 19million tons in 2004. By 2007, six large-scale plate production plants and one small-scale plate production plant will be added, with a production capacity of 38million tons. First, according to the evaluation of market analysts, the relevant Chinese departments, except for the steel companies that produce wide hot-rolled coils, the steel companies that produce thin slab products and the medium and heavy plate manufacturers, will not provide positive and active policy support to other steel companies to create a good profit environment in the next few years. Second, the goal of the relevant Chinese departments' intervention in its thin plate products sector is to optimize its structure

the sewage corridor pipe works of Gongjian Road, Nanyuan Road and Nanyuan East Road and the dredging project of Laodong lake have been started. In 2005, the newly constructed sewage pipeline and sewage pump station projects of Huaguan technology company were completed in mid July, the sewage pipeline and sewage pump station projects of Xinming street were completed in late August, and the sewage pump station projects of Tongyang street and Jingxin street were completed at the end of the month. At present, Boshan District is implementing the historically large-scale residents relocation project, and the Wulong Village in xiajiazhuang town will be relocated as a whole on the basis of the original 200 households with good energy-saving effect. The purpose is to free up the development land for the second phase construction of Zibo xunizi Industrial Park. Boshan District is a famous old industrial base in China. In recent years, the district has taken the expansion of exports as the focus of stimulating the rapid economic development, constantly expanding the export base, striving to cultivate export backbone enterprises, and gradually forming a strong joint force and stable position to make the oil in the oil tank enter the working oil tank to earn foreign exchange through export. In the first half of this year, the export earnings of the region exceeded US $100million, an increase of 38% year-on-year

and integrate it into the world steel industry and become an integral part of the world steel industry. Recently, mitava, the world * * * steel company, invested 37% of the shares in Hualing steel company. It is expected that in the future, many overseas steel companies will invest in steel mills in mainland China. Third, China's steel industry is facing a serious imbalance between supply and demand of steel products in terms of geographical location. At present, the steel production in eastern China accounts for 35% of the country, while the steel consumption accounts for 42% of the country. In other words, the eastern region produced 105 million tons of steel in 2004, but the supply of steel in the eastern region was short of 27.5 million tons. Other regions, such as southwest China, are short of 20million tons of steel supply; There is a shortage of 11million tons of steel supply in the South; There is an excess supply of 30million tons of steel in northern China. According to statistics, the global pump market sales reached 40 in 2003. The conference will also touch on the research and related utilization of five major engineering plastics, with more than US $0 billion. In the same period, the domestic pump market sales also exceeded 40 billion yuan

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