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xcs45 front crane railway freight yard construction of XCMG

today, with the rapid development of logistics industry, container transportation can be called one of the great miracles created by mankind in history. It standardizes the centralized transportation of goods with different shapes, and establishes a complete transportation system on this basis, which greatly improves the efficiency of transportation. The front crane is a sharp weapon in the container transportation system

XCMG, as a leading enterprise in the lifting industry, has been committed to providing customers with professional lifting equipment. In order to meet the market demand, after 2 years of painstaking research and testing, with XCMG's more than 70 years of lifting technology, xcs45 was successfully listed in 2013

president Wang, head of the equipment leasing company, in 2016, with the country vigorously promoting railway container transportation, President Wang was ready to purchase two front cranes. Because of his trust and understanding of XCMG's brand, President Wang bought xcs45

in Xinyi railway freight yard, the high reliability of XCMG products can easily meet the challenges with about 10 hours of uninterrupted operation every day. President Wang said: before buying, there were also some doubts about XCMG's front crane. After all, it was a new field just involved. Later, after listening to the introduction of the salesperson, I went to the factory to inspect the assembly of XCMG's front crane. I actually tested the performance of the car. I decided to buy these two pressure testing machines. How should I use them? Car. Seeing it with my own eyes, I believe it is a serious product of XCMG. With the brand of XCMG and the guarantee of quality and technology, it must be right

Master Liu is the driver of this car. He said: when the new car came, I thought it would take a while to adapt. I didn't expect it to feel different when driving. It's very efficient and has good inching performance. The key is that it's easy to drive. The uncoated carbon fiber is difficult to operate. It's more in place than other cars. In the end, the maximum tensile strength from large manufacturers can reach 25 MPa. The feeling is just different

in the next step, President Wang is ready to continue to increase equipment and expand the scale of the enterprise. "I am very happy to continue to cooperate with XCMG now. The products save us worry, the enterprise reassures us, and gives me great confidence in the future"

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