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Qualcomm will face antitrust penalties in China

a Chinese official newspaper said yesterday that Chinese regulators had taken a step closer to sanctioning Qualcomm, the US chipmaker. Most 4G smartphones in China are equipped with Qualcomm chips

as Qualcomm CEO morenkov arrived in Beijing this week for more talks with the Chinese government, the Securities Times reported that the investigation of Qualcomm had determined that the company constituted a monopoly, but the punishment decision had not yet had a significant impact on processing; Yes

the securities times is published by people s daily, the organ newspaper of the Communist Party of China

in February this year, China's antitrust regulator, the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC), announced an investigation into Qualcomm's pricing after the NDRC said the chipmaker was suspected of abusing its market position. Qualcomm may face fines of more than $1billion

it seems that the antitrust investigation has been basically completed. Roger Sheng, an analyst at Gartner, a high-tech consulting company, said that the next step is to determine the scope and extent of its violations

Zhao Zhanzhan, a lawyer from Beijing Huicheng Law Firm, said that the report of the securities times seems to be putting pressure not only on Qualcomm, but also on the national development and Reform Commission, for fear that the institution lacks courage

he said: this puts the national development and Reform Commission in a dilemma, because they will soon have to respond to the report with the progress of science and technology

the opening area of the valve hole is: among them: D: the diameter of the valve hole. Most analysts believe that China began to launch 4G networks last year, and the investigation of Qualcomm is to force the company to reduce its license fee. A person familiar with the industry said that almost all high-end products that support China's new 4G standard use Qualcomm chips

according to experts, the patent license fee demanded by Qualcomm is about the price. HP's Jet melting 3D printing technology is 3% to 4% of that on the polymer powder bed, higher than the asking price of other chip manufacturers

although Qualcomm insists in theory that it has the right to collect all the patent license fees in arrears, according to another industry source, in fact, Qualcomm does not seek to collect patent license fees for some 4G smart phones, which may be to appease the Chinese government to some extent

the industry insider said that the outline of the agreement between the Chinese government and Qualcomm is very clear, and Qualcomm's punishment will depend on whether it seeks to collect patent license fees from TD LTE manufacturers. TD LTE is the 4G standard adopted by China Mobile, a state-owned mobile communication operator

Qualcomm told analysts on Wednesday that the NDRC investigation was creating uncertainty and hindering its efforts to collect fees

original title: Qualcomm faces antitrust penalties in China

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