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what is good about Qiqihar glass factory? What are Qiqihar glass factory? Qiqihar glass factory - Qiqihar glass factory ranking list

Qiqihar glass factory ranking list 1: Qiqihar Hengsheng glass products processing Co., Ltd.

our factory produces decorative craft glass for exhibition, which is widely used in families and all kinds of public places. The production speed of our factory is fast. The performance characteristics of the back door and tail support pressure tester are low price, quality and quantity are guaranteed, and attention is paid to details. We have a complete variety of designs and can independently research and develop, but at the same time, we need to ensure that users are fully safe and provide glass applications and design solutions. CNC cutting, CNC engraving. The main production projects are: color carving, ceramic tile carving, beveled edge mirror fitting, sandblasting, painting, vertical line. Auxiliary business items include: laminated, hollow and explosion-proof. Click to see more details

Qiqihar glass manufacturer ranking 2: Kaiyue glass deep processing Co., Ltd.

Kaiyue glass deep processing Co., Ltd. was established in September 2006 with a registered capital of 5million. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product development, production and sales, and a professional manufacturer of architectural, civil and bulletproof glass, Click to see more details

Qiqihar glass manufacturers ranking 3: Guangyuan glass

the company is a small and medium-sized enterprise in the northeast. Founded in early 2009, after years of exploration and repeated experiments, we have mastered all the core technologies of the business project. And we sincerely cooperate with people from all walks of life to jointly develop the three-dimensional glass produced by our company, such as oxide skin, metal debris and so on, which has the domestic advanced level. Exported to major cities Click to view more details

Qiqihar glass manufacturers ranking 4: Qiqihar Changshun glass products Co., Ltd.

Qiqihar Changshun glass products Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of process glass. The company's main products are: 3D series, pearlescent series, DV series, ice carving series, color carving series, titanium crystal series, TV sofa background wall series, enhanced series, silk screen series, paint series, all kinds of mirror series, glass marble series, beauty mirror series, cabinet version series and more than 1000 kinds of items. Click to view more details

Qiqihar glass manufacturer ranking 5: Qiqihar integrity process

integrity new fashion process glass factory is a private enterprise integrating production, development and sales. The company mainly produces craft glass, silk screen baking varnish reinforced mirror strip silver glass, and decorative glass. Click to view more details

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