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Qinzhou: paint leads wall decoration into a new era

Qinzhou: paint leads to the development of unconventional oil and gas resources such as shale gas, shale oil, coalbed methane, and dense gas in the cooperation between HCS and SHD composite materials Co., Ltd.

October 09, 2004

in Qinzhou, the use of paint to decorate walls in office buildings and residential buildings has increased day by day, and paint sales have been promising all the way. There are 5 or 6 paint sales on Nanzhu West Street from small flowerbeds to large flowerbeds in Qinzhou urban area alone, where the maximum stroke of 509 pistons (mm) is less than 2500 meters. 2. Open the oil delivery valve. Sales varieties also continue to emerge from the old and bring forth the new with the degree of interest of unit citizens

colorful, let's pick

talk about a historical process of house wall decoration

the exterior decoration of luxurious ancient buildings is mostly painted, and the colors are red, yellow, green and so on. Beijing Tiananmen Square is a typical example of decoration

the exterior decoration of buildings in the Republic of China is relatively simple, and the gray of grey bricks replaced the decorative color of the wall at that time

after the reform and opening up, the wall decoration of buildings was first lime, then replaced with Shuangfei powder, stone rice, and later pasted with wall tiles. Although the change process is relatively fast, the color changes little, either white or another color to replace it. There are few colors in a building

at present, the wall coatings sold in the market are red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple, which can be chosen by you. In today's diversified life, appreciation and pursuit of freshness, the paint that strives for research and beauty really meets people's requirements and is popular

convenient operation for the public to choose

speaking of the mosaic and wall and floor tile decoration in the past decade, buildings and house owners consciously stuck gold on their faces at that time, which became a glorious fashion for a time. However, the operation is not so easy. At first, even some plasterers could stick the tiles on the wall, but they could not stand the test of time, either the tiles were not firmly pasted and fell down, or the tiles were broken

compared with grinding bricks and scraping plaster, coating is much easier to press stone meters and paste tiles. Not only proficient in union operation, but also those who can understand the instructions or understand the instructions will paint it on the wall

due to the convenient operation of paint, many construction teams or household heads have a special preference for paint. Dealer boss Wu said that before the national day, new year's day and Spring Festival, paint stores are crowded, and many families buy one or two barrels to go back and paint the walls. In contrast, Shuangfei powder, which was once out of stock, was treated coldly by others, and no one paid attention to it, leaving it in the store

due to its convenient operation, the price of coating is naturally lower than that of other decorative materials. For example, if a 100 square meter room needs to be painted with double fly powder materials, it will cost 300 ~ 500 yuan in wages and materials, and changing the coating materials can save twice. Why not choose paint to decorate the wall

safe and reliable use at ease

in recent years, objects falling from upstairs and injuring passers-by have occurred from time to time, and unstable wall tiles are also included, which is frightening

paint, in addition to good sunscreen, is particularly sticky and not easy to peel off. Even if the viscosity fails for a long time, the peeled paint is only equivalent to ashes floating down from the sky, which is not a big problem for people

in zoumaqin City, the exterior walls of many commercial houses are decorated with paint. Many construction workers told that the use of paint to decorate the wall made the builders feel at ease and the users at ease

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