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Qiu hengming digs into Pepsi haha: the birth of a super app

Guide: in Beijing, thousands of miles away, a man who is a little older than Zhang Xiaolong and a little taller than Zhang Xiaolong, but who is also silent and introverted, is also launching a huge social revolution. He is Lao Li of Pepsi haha

in Shenzhen, Zhang Xiaolong, a quiet and introverted man of science and technology, has created the world's largest mobile social software with nearly 700million active users. Thousands of miles away in Beijing, a person who is a little older than Zhang Xiaolong and a little taller than Zhang Xiaolong in appearance, but who is also silent and introverted is also launching a huge social revolution. He is Lao Li of Pepsi haha

entering Lao Li's office, there is no tall plaque, no exaggerated decoration, and no exaggerated visual system commonly used by new Internet companies. The office is spacious and bright, traditional and light. In this traditional office, Pepsi, a super app with a popular social circle, was born! The ideals and feelings of a middle-aged man who has experienced ups and downs for half his life have been realized

Lao Li was interviewed by Qiu hengming in the office.

hot tea has already been made in the teapot. Behind the long table and on the armchair sat a middle-aged man with glasses, gentle. He is Lao Li, the creator of this super app. He greeted me warmly to sit down and handed me a cup of tea with both hands, polite and modest. It's not what I imagined! I didn't expect that the creator of an app that is popular in social circles should be the person in front of me! After entering the door, I feel comfortable with consistent movements and steady aura, and comfortable people always want people to get close. So I slowly sat down and listened to him tell me the story of the birth of this super app

after the interview, Lao Li (left) and Qiu hengming (right) took a group photo

before creating Pepsi haha, Lao Li had been operating in other industries. Two years ago, due to the need, he wanted to transport a batch of equipment from Shenzhen to Beijing. At that time, he found many logistics companies online and offline, but Lao Li had no idea about the quality, speed and price of the service. At that time, he thought that if his needs could be directly transmitted to more companies in a way, he could find the most suitable transportation mode, and at the same time, the transportation company could also obtain the most direct users. At that time, he thought how wonderful it would be if there was a platform to connect the two sides who raised needs and solved problems! Therefore, an app that solves needs through social interaction has a basic outline in Lao Li's mind

Lao Li used to be a teacher and has been in business for more than ten years. He is a mature and steady person who does not make decisions easily, but at the same time he has the feelings and dreams of young people. After returning to Beijing, he has been thinking repeatedly and consulted many professionals in the industry and his friends and partners who have accumulated in the industry for many years. He learned that there are many apps in the vertical field in the market at present, but there is no app that solves the needs through social interaction, and this need exists in reality. After learning about it, Lao Li was excited and hesitant. After all, this was an area he had hardly touched before. And at present, there are so many people making apps in the market, most of them die prematurely, a small number of them are surviving, and only a few are powerful. But maybe it's because of my personality. If I don't do this, I will regret it all my life. I don't take it as an ordinary profit-making project, but as a career. So he began to think and demonstrate repeatedly. After the demonstration, they began to recruit and do it boldly, and it took more than 730 days to do it

when Lao Li first started, he was an out and out layman. He thought it was enough to find a few technicians to stack their ideas and create an app. He didn't even know what the word product manager meant. But he has such a strength that he doesn't give up. If he wants to do it, he has to look like it! So he learned little by little, introduced talents little by little, found and solved problems little by little, and operated little by little. He has changed from a layman in the field of mobile Internet to an Internet expert among his friends. At the same time, the outline of a super app is becoming clearer and clearer, its functions are becoming more and more powerful, and its performance is becoming more and more stable. It was on November 20 last year that Lao Li officially launched. When Lao Li first released information on Pepsi haha and someone responded, he was very excited! Unparalleled pride and satisfaction filled his heart

no one can imagine that an app is so powerful. Because of its high sensor accuracy (some reach 1.1 million), the general AP can also test the friction coefficient P. thirty or forty pages are large, while Pepsi haha has more than 400 pages. Omnipotence has induced people's desire for the outside world, which has turned into various social networking, e-commerce, intelligent control, self timer, and movie viewing needs. In the eyes of developers, almost every subdivision of the demand can hold up an app's dream of becoming famous overnight. However, you can have 1000 needs, but you can't install 1000 apps. What users really need is some comprehensive, large and easy-to-use apps

Pepsi haha is such a divine existence. The essence of Pepsi haha is to solve needs through social interaction. The core content is the accurate matching and real-time interaction of demand information

first of all, the precise information matching function of Pepsi haha app is like the precise long-range strike ability of aircraft carrier. As long as the region and category match, the information published by the publisher can be accurately pushed to the people who pay attention to this kind of information. Second, PepsiCo hahacai has used instant message (IM) and social networking service (SNS) to completely build a ubiquitous social networking environment in the process of precise demand docking. Third, the location service function is like the all-weather radar positioning system on the aircraft carrier, which enables the aircraft carrier to navigate accurately in the ocean of information and better serve its users. Finally, Pepsi haha app attaches importance to the application of big data, which is often ignored by general apps. The application of big data makes the aircraft carrier Pepsi haha have a very sophisticated intelligence system and information command center, which can more accurately meet the needs of various users, making app applications present different modes in front of different users

Pepsi haha, these powerful functions have been highly praised by users as soon as they arrived in the market. However, things are not as simple as Lao Li thought. Because he didn't know the Internet at the beginning, he planned to develop an instant messaging system with XMPP protocol at the beginning, but there are always problems. As users increase, the system will collapse at the beginning, which makes Lao Li's brain broken, but after all, he has more than 20 years of business experience, After all, he is not like some young entrepreneurs who only have dreams and feelings but only have three minutes of enthusiasm. Lao Li's consistent steadfast and steady character not only did not make him give up, but made him rise to difficulties, constantly discuss with technicians and consult industry leaders. He began to think and learn constantly. Finally, we found the crux. First of all, Pepsi haha's use of XMPP protocol to develop instant messaging system is not stable for newly established Internet companies like Lao Li. This technical structure is not suitable for their existing technical conditions. Now Pepsi haha no longer uses the XMPP protocol, but uses the mature instant messaging tools outside, which makes Pepsi haha more stable

the problem was solved. Lao Li's nerves did not relax. He began to think about Pepsi slowly and deeply. Haha, the real value! Is it a magical station like 58 in the same city? no Lao Li clearly knows that the most essential difference between Pepsi haha and 58 Tongcheng platforms is that 58 Tongcheng is an information wall on which users post their needs. Users need to choose by themselves, and they need to fight to truly solve their demands. Pepsi haha is a channel, and every information is a channel. It advocates a demand experience of self tropism. It classifies you into different ha you circles through hundreds of labels, matches your demand information more accurately, and gives you instant response, instant solution B, Rockwell hardness (HK) decision. Give users an unprecedented demand experience. Pepsi haha really did this, Lao li really did it

now Lao Li still has a calm aura and continues to create enthusiasm! He still has too many assumptions and expectations for the future Pepsi haha, and he will let Pepsi haha constantly iterate and grow. For example, let Pepsi haha make full use of the advantages of mobile Internet rather than the simple physical movement of PC end-to-end. He expected Pepsi haha to solve the trading problem of Taobao or not limited to Taobao in a way; What he expected of Pepsi haha is that in a ha you circle, everyone can communicate and trade unimpeded

Yes, over the years, he has met too many entrepreneurs, heard too many ideals, and seen too many broken dreams. But today, I was moved by Li's enthusiasm for the determination of the tortuous properties of old gb/t9341 (2) 008 plastics. What reason and qualification do we have to laugh at a forward dream? Ren Zhengfei was cheated of 2million yuan at the age of 44 and had to start a business. At the beginning, Zhang Xiaolong was worried by the people about whether he would starve to death. The dream of starting a business was really too hard and difficult. He needed to invest a lot of time and energy without a sense of security and unpredictable returns. But Lao Li, at least he did, at least he walked steadily, at least he was on the road

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