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How about the functions of qrtech MacBook rye 6 gtx1050ti 4G unique game book? First hand evaluation

new best-selling notebook of MacBook recommendation: qrtech MacBook rye 6 gtx1050t should constitute a new profit point I 4G independent game book eight generation g5400 students 16.1 inches, as follows, let's take a look at the features, price, appearance and first-hand experience evaluation of this notebook

MacBook rye 6

I. MacBook rye 6 function configuration features and appearance price:

function configuration features: this notebook CPU uses Intel Core I processor, with a memory capacity of 8G, a mechanical hard disk capacity of 2TB, and a video memory capacity of 4G

appearance price: the appearance color of this notebook is black. The price quotation of e-commerce. Plastic flexible packaging is the most important use of composite polyurethane adhesive. 1 is about ¥ 5599.00. Check the quotation after tmall's official coupon

macbenben rye 6

Second, macbenben rye 6 hands-on experience experience:

this computer has started this one, and it has been used for a period of time. I feel that this notebook runs well, running lol is no problem. The sand currently used is medium standard sand, and it's a little hard to eat chicken. It's really good to have such performance at this price, It's just that I don't know much about computers. Computer beauty plays a positive role. It's great! More introduction to friends>

rye 6

III. detailed configuration parameters of rye 6:

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