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QS puts on safety protective clothing for food

on December 27, 2006, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China held a press conference and issued production licenses for the first batch of 29 production enterprises that passed the market access examination of plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food. Up to now, the first batch of 29 enterprises, including Shanghai People's plastic printing factory, Beijing Debao shangsan Printing Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yuxin Packaging Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Zhongfu Co., Ltd., which have obtained production licenses through market access, are excellent enterprises with great influence in the industry. A total of 97 products have applied for admission, covering all six categories and 39 products of this implementation. In the future, when purchasing plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food, food production enterprises and consumers should recognize the products marked with "QS"

the head of the food production supervision department of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China said that the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China would start to investigate and deal with the products listed in the access scope without certificates at the end of August 2007 at the latest. After entering the stage of unlicensed investigation and handling, the enterprises that have obtained the certificate can produce normally; Enterprises that have applied for examination but are in the process of examination and have not obtained a production license must mark "trial products" on the products and send the products to the designated inspection agency in batches to pass the inspection before they can leave the factory for sale; Enterprises that have not applied for examination shall not produce, operate or use their products

two major factors affect the quality of food packaging

experts attending the meeting said that there are two main factors causing unqualified food packaging: one is the improper selection of raw materials; Second, add additives and additives at will

relevant experts said that some formal enterprises use raw materials imported or produced by large domestic raw material manufacturers, which meet the requirements of the national standard for raw materials for food packaging. However, the improper selection of raw materials by some small enterprises (such as family workshop enterprises) is not caused by the negligence of enterprises, but because some enterprises artificially reduce the grade of raw materials in order to reduce costs and pursue economic benefits. In production, they do not strictly control the product quality in accordance with the requirements of national standards, use raw materials, additives and additives that do not meet the standard requirements, and even use industrial grade raw materials The processing and production of recycled materials has caused the evaporation residues, heavy metals and product decolorization and other harmful substances in the product health indicators to seriously exceed the standard. In addition, most of the unqualified products are too thin, and 6.4 is too soft or heavy at the specified speed, resulting in unqualified service performance such as load-bearing, strength, and leakage

it is reported that plastic processing must be completed by heating, and plastic has problems such as cracking, oxidation, degradation and deterioration when heated. Therefore, oxidants, heat stabilizers and other additives are generally added when processing resin into plastic containers or films. Some films also require antistatic, anti fogging, high smoothness, etc., which need to add corresponding additives. When selecting additives in production, enterprises must strictly follow the requirements of the national mandatory standard GB9685-2003 "Hygienic standard for the use of additives for food containers and packaging materials". If the additives used are not within the standard range, toxicological tests must be carried out in accordance with gb15139 "toxicological evaluation procedure for food safety" to prove that they are non-toxic before use

in addition, the lack of product standards is also the cause of food packaging problems. For example, gb9688-1988 hygienic standard for polypropylene molded products for food packaging, which is implemented by plastic disposable tableware produced by some enterprises, is a hygienic standard, which does not contain the use performance indicators of products, so it is impossible to conduct comprehensive testing and evaluate the overall quality of products. In addition, PVC fresh-keeping film has been widely used in the market, but there is no national or industrial standard, only gb9681-1988 "Hygienic standard for PVC molded products for food packaging", which has brought many problems to the production and application of this kind of products

production supervision highlights four key points

insiders said that the above two major factors that are likely to cause problems in food packaging are expected to be gradually eliminated after the implementation of the market access system

On July 18th, 2006, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) officially launched the market approval work of plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food. Four inspection departments in Beijing, Jinan, Hangzhou and Guangzhou have been specially established, eight national inspection institutions have been designated, and a large number of inspectors have been trained. In view of China's national conditions of many related product production enterprises, small scale, poor management and uneven product quality, through the supervision of computer-controlled models, we should support a number of excellent enterprises to become stronger and bigger, standardize a number of enterprises with unstable quality, improve the quality level, ban and eliminate a number of enterprises that do not have quality assurance conditions, and crack down on a number of black dens specializing in the production of fake and shoddy products

according to the introduction, the quality inspection department should highlight four key points in the production supervision of food related products in 2007. First, key products, namely food additives, food packaging, containers, tools and other products that have a greater impact on food safety; The second is the key area, that is, the area where the production enterprises of related products are concentrated. We should closely cooperate with local governments in these regions and concentrate on promoting the continuous improvement of product quality of most enterprises; Third, key enterprises, mainly those that do not have quality assurance. Their main test items include: small enterprises and small workshops with real verification capabilities such as stretching, twists and turns, tightening, shearing and stripping, as well as enterprises and dens specializing in producing inferior products; The fourth is the key issues, mainly the abuse of food additives, the use of toxic and harmful non food raw materials to process food, and the illegal use of recycled plastic to process food packaging containers and tools

three outcomes of packaging enterprises

the implementation of the food packaging market access system will fundamentally improve the overall level of the food packaging industry, and the two main factors that easily lead to problems in food packaging are expected to be eliminated, because the enterprises with these factors are about to disappear. Environmental protection experts said that the implementation of QS compulsory production license will eventually lead to three outcomes for the fate of food packaging enterprises: one third of enterprises are easy to obtain QS license due to sound management system and qualified product quality, and these enterprises are basically large enterprises; One third of the enterprises are facing rectification due to the imperfect management system and the sometimes good and sometimes bad product quality, and their management costs will increase; However, the remaining 1/3 of the enterprises have very chaotic management and extremely unstable product quality. The market is basically through underground agricultural trade channels, and they basically belong to "three noes" enterprises in terms of production technology. Even if such enterprises are rectified, it is difficult to pass the QS license, and they will face the fate of being eliminated

insiders put forward three suggestions: first, the leaders of production enterprises must attach great importance to it, understand the changes of policies and relevant application requirements as soon as possible, and strive to apply before the end of May 2007, so as to ensure that there is enough time for rectification and review; Second, there should be no fluke. We must rectify in strict accordance with the 53 items required by the general rules of review and the detailed rules. Under the guidance of experts and professional departments, we should fundamentally change the loose and unstable business model in the past, be responsible for the health of consumers and the long-term development of enterprises; Third, food packaging operators and users must actively seek legal suppliers and choose the products of certified enterprises to avoid the impact on their own operations and the punishment of 50000 to 200000 yuan by law enforcement departments


general survey of food packaging products enterprises

food packaging products can be divided into plastic, paper, metal, composite, foam, glass, bamboo and wood from the material. It is understood that at the beginning of 2006, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) conducted a nationwide survey of food packaging, containers and tools and other product manufacturing enterprises. The survey results showed that there were about 7000 food packaging, containers and tools and other product manufacturing enterprises across the country, including more than 3700 plastic products enterprises, accounting for 54% of the total; 1418 paper products enterprises, accounting for 20% of the total; The remaining enterprises account for about 26% of the total. Among the plastic products enterprises that account for half of the country, there are more than 1100 small enterprises with less than 10 people, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the total number of enterprises. Many small enterprises are poorly equipped and lack quality control means in the production process; The raw materials constitute the plastic recycling system, the incoming materials are not accepted, and the products are not inspected before leaving the factory; The phenomenon of non-standard production is relatively common; The qualified rate of products is low, and the phenomenon of fake and inferior products is relatively serious

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