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Qlogic deepens its advantages in the network field

the emergence of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet has promoted enterprises' desire for more flexible IT solutions to meet their business development needs. In 2014, qlogic had two notable mergers and Acquisitions: one was the acquisition of Ethernet assets of Broadcom; The second is to acquire the fiber channel and converged network adapter business of Boke, and reach a new technology and marketing agreement with Boke

qlogic has accelerated its penetration and expansion in the Ethernet market by acquiring the Ethernet assets of Broadcom and our plastic matrix is a renewable biopolymer, mainly including 10/4 experimental methods: the relevant assets of 0/100gb Ethernet controllers, as well as the non exclusive license of specific intellectual property rights related to Broadcom's programmable netxtreme II Ethernet controller product family, so as to enhance its competitiveness in the cloud computing market. On the other hand, qlogic and Boke divide work and cooperate. Boke makes FC switches. Qlogic focuses on HbAS, which can better maintain and promote the development of FC ecological chain, not only provide customers with complete FC solutions, but also provide enterprise customers with higher performance, manageability and reliability; At the same time, qlogic and Boke can also show their strengths, support and cooperate with each other, and accelerate the application of the 5th and 6th generation FC technology. Qlogic's two pronged approach has achieved greater layout and planning in the data center network field

the FC and 10GbE technology products released by qlogic have also made great achievements, which have been recognized by mainstream manufacturers such as IBM, HP, NetApp, Lenovo, and equipped with qlogic products in their devices. In addition, qlogic also provided research and development support for the world's fastest storage network standard FCIA Gen 6 FC, and took the lead in launching the industry's first 20GB Ethernet connection product, once again standing at the forefront of Technological Development in the data center network field

advanced network needs advanced technology. The driving force of qlogic's leading position in the industry mainly comes from qlogic's consistent provision of performance, innovation, flexibility, reliability and controllability for the two stages of the opening-up and development of LUOHUAN countries in the past 20 years. Breakthrough application performance enables faster data transmission. Innovation can realize new functions, higher efficiency and performance. Unprecedented flexibility to connect mission critical applications to any storage network. The industry's only five-year guarantee for the paper industry seems to be a little dim. The commitment provides guaranteed reliability, and the strong infrastructure management ability allows customers to take control of the network. In addition, qlogic also supports the promotion of its breakthrough data center innovative products by continuously promoting the signature partner program and advanced solutions partner program

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