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QR code anti-counterfeiting drives anti-counterfeiting printing to safeguard business integrity

in the face of the current situation of the proliferation of Shanzhai and the lack of obvious consumer rights and interests, even the strong guidance of the government and the full responsibility of enterprises may not make fake goods lose the soil for survival, so we must rely on new technology to establish a closed-loop management product ecological chain, so that consumers can directly understand the context of goods from production to sales, Only in this way can we make the quality of goods in the market depend on each other, make the brand enterprises evergreen, and make consumers feel at ease

but the traditional anti-counterfeiting printing cannot directly do this. The traditional state-owned and time-honored brand enterprise Guangzhou people's Printing Factory Co., Ltd. has continuously increased its investment in information technology in recent years. Now it has provided its own two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting solutions for many famous enterprises in building an influential aluminum industry convergence area and innovation highland at home and abroad, defending the honor of the enterprise. Guangzhou people's Printing Factory Co., Ltd. has not only achieved complex anti-counterfeiting printing, but also achieved its own business. They have always been determined to defend business integrity with their own technology and belief. General manager he of Guangzhou people's Printing Factory Co., Ltd. said: our belief is the accumulation of more than 50 years of precipitation

50 years of hard work and efforts

since its establishment in 1957, with one halo after another, the first fully automatic printing machine in Guangdong Province, the first rotary printing machine in South China, the easy to operate and safe Eastern welfare lottery, sports lottery and the first batch of stocks in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Successfully trial produce the first batch of VAT invoices, etc. This is a gratifying achievement for Guangzhou people's Printing Factory Co., Ltd., but at the same time, we should also see the seriousness of the new era. The proliferation of counterfeiting has worried consumers. As a people's printing factory in Guangzhou with a history of more than 50 years, it has been working silently on anti-counterfeiting technology. Shouldn't it contribute its own strength? However, the traditional anti-counterfeiting printing technology only recognizes the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting at the terminal, and cannot give management characteristics to products, which leads to the powerlessness of traditional anti-counterfeiting printing. How to combine the powerful anti-counterfeiting printing technology to avoid damaging the jaw seat ability and create a technology that can defend the ability of business integrity

strong entry into the field of QR code anti-counterfeiting

with the popularity of intelligence in the Internet era, QR code is becoming more and more popular. Guangzhou people's Printing Factory Co., Ltd. quickly saw the impact of this QR code field on anti-counterfeiting printing. Guangyin anti-counterfeiting Research Institute was established to further develop anti-counterfeiting technology. At present, Guangzhou people's Printing Factory Co., Ltd. is committed to providing overall solutions for anti-counterfeiting tickets and vouchers, and occupies a certain position in the anti-counterfeiting industry in Guangdong. For example, a two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting moon cake ticket tailored for Foshan Hotel, combined with anti-counterfeiting design, anti-counterfeiting printing, process anti-counterfeiting and two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology, has increased the cost of counterfeiting. In particular, the self-developed anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional code verification system encrypts the two-dimensional code data, which can only be identified by a system that can be selected by a dedicated majority of users in the selection process in combination with their own conditions, The production of fake tickets was stopped from the source, and the huge losses caused by fake tickets in previous years were recovered for Foshan hotel

adhere to faith and continue to make efforts to safeguard business integrity

anti counterfeiting is a long-term process. President he of Guangzhou people's Printing Factory Co., Ltd. said: adhering to the research and development of anti-counterfeiting printing technology is not only a matter of the enterprise itself, but also related to the harmony and development of the social environment. Our enterprise should not only for its own interests, but also make its due contribution to the pure business environment

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