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Tianjin: qualified fireworks are affixed with anti-counterfeiting signs

according to the urgent notice of the relevant national departments, from now on, the city will start the law enforcement and crackdown activities on fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival. It is strictly prohibited to sell fireworks and firecrackers products that "have no factory name, China's new material industry accelerated its development in 2014, have no factory site, and have no quality conformity marks", and investigate important cases to the end

according to the unified deployment of relevant departments in Tianjin, all districts and counties should earnestly implement the anti-counterfeiting system in their jurisdictions, and carry out key inspections in accordance with the requirements of the national mandatory standard "safety and quality of fireworks and firecrackers" (gb10631-2004), such as signs, packaging, appearance, etc., and never miss any regulatory dead ends. It is understood that more than 1000 stalls are expected to sell fireworks this year. Each business point in the city will hang a numbered yellow background red letter cloth label printed with the words "Tianjin fireworks and firecracker sales point" issued by the Municipal Security Bureau. 3. The equipment should be placed in a wide local supervision bureau. The small packages of qualified fireworks supplied in the market are pasted with laser anti-counterfeiting signs with the words "supervised by Tianjin Administration of work safety", and the outer packages are pasted with special tape of "Tianjin supply and Marketing Cooperative fireworks and firecrackers Co., Ltd." and the trademark of "Nezha" brand self-adhesive. All products without anti-counterfeiting marks are illegal and inferior products

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