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QS is a virtual form of food quality and safety access system

according to the unified deployment of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, from April 1, Guangxi and the whole country started to implement the quality and safety market access system for major foods such as rice, barley powder, vegetable oil, soy sauce, vinegar and so on, The production and processing of these five products. Through the above content on how to judge the quality of electronic tensile testing machine, it is introduced that the enterprises of various kinds of food must have a production license, and the products must have "QS" access mark on the outer package before they can be sold on the market. Half a year later, when we learned about the implementation of this "access system" related to people's livelihood again, what we saw and heard was difficult to be optimistic

"QS" logo can be bought and sold everywhere

according to the Guangxi Bureau of quality and technical supervision, the food quality and safety market access system (QS) mainly includes the food production license system, the food compulsory inspection system, the food market access mark system, etc. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the implementation plan of the food and drug safety project of 8 ministries and bureaus including the State Food and drug administration, the quality and technical supervision department should focus on the work of food quality and safety market access

since last year, the country has successively implemented quality safety market access for five major foods such as rice, barley powder, vegetable oil, soy sauce and vinegar, and ten categories of food such as meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments, instant noodles, biscuits, cans, frozen drinks, quick-frozen rice noodles and puffed food. Guangxi authorities clearly stipulated that from April 1 this year, five major foods such as rice on the market in all cities and counties will be investigated and dealt with if there is no QS market access mark on the outer package. Relatively speaking, rice is much better regulated than other foods, but there are also many problems

in Nanning Langdong comprehensive farmers' market, seven or eight rice merchants are selling rice. In front of each rice stall, there are sacks full of all kinds of rice, large and small. On the gunny bags, some are printed with QS logo and the name, address and of the manufacturer, while a considerable number of gunny bags do not have any marks and text descriptions

"Why are these rice bags not marked with QS?" Ask a busy female vendor. "Do you want QS? There are many such gunny bags. I'll pack them for you in whichever factory you want, with an extra 1 yuan." "Is it easy to get sacks with QS printed on them?" "It's easy to do. Just buy it. Some people specialize in wholesale, as much as they want." Then he asked, "where can I buy it?" At this time, another vendor standing next to her winked and pulled his sleeve, which made her take back what she said

two stalls apart, and then stopped. There are 10 bags of rice for sale, 8 of which are bare without any words or marks. "So many rice have no QS logo, is it easy to sell?" "Many people who buy rice don't look at this mark at all. Besides, if there is this need, the bag with the mark can be sold after it is sold short." This is a young man who has just been hired to work. He seems to have no scruples when answering questions

recently, I saw in some farmers' markets in Laibin, Chongzuo, Yulin, Qinzhou, Fangchenggang and other cities that rice sold at many stalls has no impact on the test results when the force measuring part of the QS experimental machine is not installed horizontally. The force measuring part of the experimental machine uses a tangent pendulum force measuring machine to instigate the force value on the piston on the dial, and the mark is still sold. The rice sold at a rice shop in a farmers' market in Guilin is prominently printed with the words "medium and large duck", "duck for egg", "chicken for meat" and so on on on the bag containing rice. "As long as the rice is good, it doesn't matter what bag you use." Said a sister-in-law who sold rice. I also asked many rice buyers why they didn't look at the QS logo, but the people who were asked always asked, "what is QS?" Or say, "what's the use of that thing?"

interestingly, in some farmers' markets, it was found that some vendors had a strong "sense of advance". They first pasted QS logo on the outer packaging of animal edible oil, rice wine, etc., which had not been required to implement access logo, which was obviously fake. After inquiry, many print shops can print this kind of stickeable and uncovering logo, and the cost is about 10 cents each. Such a phenomenon of "you have policies, I have countermeasures" is quite common in all places and all kinds of food

the market access system needs to be improved

in the investigation and interview, some farmers and rice merchants also reported that the access system still needs to be improved due to inadequate consideration

Wuliting is the largest wholesale market for fruits, vegetables and grain in Nanning. In the grain 238 curtain wall and the large window wall food wholesale area of the market, we can see that rice from all over the world is distributed here. In the open space in front of a rice wholesale shop, some people are using simple machines to process rice. But the QS logo is rarely seen on those rice bags for sale

ask some grain vendors why they are still selling without QS logo, and they always ask why they can't sell. They said that the state has now liberalized the management of grain sales. Farmers use their own rice to process it into rice, while small processing plants in towns and townships mainly produce rice for farmers. Farmers take the rice they can't eat to the market and sell it for some money. Why can't they? Why can't individual grain traders buy rice from farmers and transport it to the city to sell it? Moreover, the rice directly produced by farmers for marketing is often relatively fresh and popular with customers

what the grain traders said is not unreasonable. Liguozheng, chief of the regulation supervision section of Nanning Bureau of technology and quality supervision, said that this is indeed a practical problem and a solution should be found. The preliminary assumption is that Nanning can set up a rice sub packaging plant in a large agricultural products wholesale market to classify and package the rice from different production areas and different varieties with qualified quality, and grant QS certification before listing. However, whether this idea is feasible remains to be explored in practice

straightening out the system activation mechanism is the key.

implementing food quality and safety access and implementing the food safety project have significantly curbed the spread of low-quality food. So far, Guangxi has implemented a market access system for more than 10 categories of food, such as rice and meat products. Now 255 products from 208 enterprises in the region have passed the examination and obtained market access qualifications

but in real life, consumers often feel uneasy about food safety. Many people complain that in the national market, toxic milk powder, aged rice, highly toxic pesticide residues, fruits and vegetables and other events have been exposed. If these problems cannot be fundamentally solved, what do we dare to eat in the future

many leaders of government departments and economic experts said in an interview that the key to solving the problem of food quality and safety is to straighten out the system and activate the mechanism

In August last year, Guangxi drug administration, public security, agriculture, economy and trade, health, industry and commerce, quality supervision, customs and other eight departments jointly forwarded the notice on printing and distributing the implementation plan of the food and drug safety project issued by the State Food and Drug Administration and other eight departments, dividing the responsibilities of relevant departments in food supervision. In fact, these eight departments are not only involved in food quality and safety management. However, in the implementation of supervision, there are sometimes cases of mutual prevarication, slow response and even law enforcement vacuum. For example, for the market access of rice, the quality supervision department believes that their responsibility is mainly to supervise the source of food quality and safety, that is, the supervision of food production links. After leaving the factory and entering the circulation link, other functional departments are responsible for the management. However, after entering the circulation link, the personnel of the industry and Commerce Department believed that the QS mark was made by the quality inspection department, so they didn't care about the presence or absence of the QS mark in law enforcement. The food and drug supervision department believes that they lack personnel and inspection equipment for food management, so they can only coordinate with relevant departments. Moreover, they are not long established institutions, and how to coordinate supervision is not very clear. As a result, the supervision of food from source to circulation is often out of line, out of stock and vacuum

relevant people proposed that, on the one hand, all departments should clarify the division of labor and perform their respective duties, on the other hand, there should be comprehensive supervision, and the government and the food and drug administration should assume the responsibility of comprehensive coordination and management. We should actively create regulations, integrate regulatory resources, and effectively do a good job in the "one line" supervision of food from the source to the table. As long as we persist in improving the system and invigorating the mechanism, the problem of food quality and safety will be solved satisfactorily

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