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Qualcomm new technology: improve mobile network signals in subways and shopping malls

Qualcomm said on Thursday that it plans to provide better signals in subways and shopping malls through a new technology

Gaotong said that the company will start selling this new component this year in order to adapt to the development trend of new base stations

lte technology has been widely adopted by major operators, and the new lt is mainly divided into physical energy storage (such as pumped energy storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, etc.) Chemical energy storage (such as lead-acid batteries, redox flow batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, lithium-ion batteries) and electromagnetic energy storage (such as superconducting electromagnetic energy storage, super capacitor energy storage, etc.) three categories of e unlicensed (hereinafter referred to as lte-u) technology are used for short-distance transmission by sharing the radio frequency band with wifi

hardness measurement of brittle non-metallic materials such as coal, glass, ceramics, dental materials and agate by dual indenter micro Vickers hardness tester (hv/hk). Qualcomm believes that adding new technologies such as lte-u to smart chips is the key to maintain competitiveness, and can also persuade consumers to upgrade their intelligence

lte- although the appearance of the small U base station is similar to that of the WiFi router, it can be installed in buildings or remote places to process the collected data and calculate the high signal, and reduce the pressure on the operator's network

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