The hottest qld8fa multifunctional DC spray water

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Qld8fa multi-functional DC spray water gun

has the following 12 characteristics:

small recoil force, which can significantly improve the safety of the water gun. Especially in the environment with poor stability such as roof, slope, and lift truck, the recoil force (also known as recoil force) becomes a very dangerous factor, and this kind of danger can be avoided after using the water gun

it saves twice the manpower, which has significant economy and long-term benefits. It can be operated by one person, which can improve the efficiency of personnel use, greatly save costs and reduce the pressure of on-site personnel transportation and command

long spray distance. The DC range can reach 36~40 meters

it can highly refine the spray, and the external movable atomizing gear ring rotates at a high speed under water pressure to force the refinement of fog particles. Therefore, it can also be used as a smoke suppression device, with a spray angle of 120 degrees

the water flow can be adjusted from 2 L/s to 8 L/s. The amount of water can be controlled at will to achieve the purpose of saving water

with flushing adjustment gear, which can prevent sanding. Garbage blocks the gun body

prevent the water hose from twisting, and automatically adjust the water hose to the straight state. Its rotating fast water hose interface can automatically adjust the water hose when the water hose is twisted and open. The water hose can take the posture of 330 passengers, saving time. 2. Measurement range: between 2% and 100% of the maximum experimental force, which is convenient and fast

precision design, excellent sealing performance, the use of tetrapod material, in addition to good sealing function, it also has a longer service life than general water guns or similar water guns

it is convenient to lift and grasp. The upper part of the body gun adopts a q-shaped switch handle, and the lower part is designed with a hand grip handle, so that firefighters can operate easily

it can be used online with water driven smoke eliminators to improve the utilization rate of water and strengthen the combination function of smoke eliminators and fire extinguishers. China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy direction

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