New hybrid rice generation produces record crop

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New hybrid rice generation produces record crop

Chinese scientists have achieved a record rice yield of nearly 22.5 metria local official told a joint virtual news conferencec tons per hectare, or 1,500 kg per mu, in an experimental field in Central China's Hunan province.

Assessment experts announced on Monday average yield at the field in Hunan's Hengnan county planted with the third generation of hybrid rice varieties reached 13.68 tons per hectare, or 911.7 kg per mu.

In July, early harvests at the same field growing another strain of third-generation hybrid rice showed an average yield of 9.29 tons per hectare, 619.06 kg per mu.

The two harvests combined — consisting of early-season and late-season crops — show important progress in the realization of the goal of exceeding 22.5 tons per hectare, erecting a new milestone in the country's hybrid rice breeding efforts and setting a new world record, according to the China National Hybrid Rice Research and Development Center.

Yuan Longping, renowned agricultural expert known for spearheading research into hybrid rice strains, said on Monday the new record means one mu (0.067 hecatre) of rice fields can feed five people.

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