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Quzhou Telecom 114 call center opens car Hailing for convenience

Hello, I need to call a taxi at the door of Quzhou hotel. Please contact me. The attendant desk of the 114 call center of China Telecom Zhejiang Quzhou Branch can receive similar calls every day, including taxi calls and lost and found items, "Sha Xiaolin said, and many thanks. According to the shift leader of 114 attendant, about 1200 car calls can be received every week. In case of rain or snow, more than 200 car calls a day, which really plays a role of high-quality service for the people and convenience

on October 15 last year, when 321 new taxis in Quzhou were put into operation, taxi Hailing was also opened. Citizens can reach the car Hailing interface at the same time as long as they dial 114 or through or fixed dialing. After receiving citizens, the call center will dispatch through the on-board system connected with the center. After successful dispatching, the on-board system will automatically receive the information of the user's current location. After seeing the information, the surrounding drivers will press key 1 to answer. After the answer is successful, the system will send the user's detailed information (including number) to the on-board system, and the driver can go to meet the guests

cement pipes in Jinan period usually adopt the standard GB/T 11836 (2) 009 concrete and reinforced concrete drainage pipes, and use the mechanical properties of the compressive strength of the material to test

the whole process of car Hailing service is completed when the material is stretched, which greatly facilitates the travel of citizens. From the current reflection of citizens, car Hailing has been fully affirmed

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