September 5 domestic natural rubber Market

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On September 5, the domestic natural rubber market quotation

business agency on September 5

the price of standard 1 in Tianjin fell slightly between 27200 yuan/ton, and Huang Chunfa's barreled package, including tax, was about 18000 yuan/ton. The transaction was slightly lower, and the number of buyers was less.

the price of state-run standard 1 in Hengshui market was about 27200 yuan/ton. There were few sources of goods, and there were few sources of 3L rubber in Vietnam. The price excluding tax was yuan/ton. The overall atmosphere was light and the transaction was average

for natural rubber in Shandong, the bid price was slightly reduced by about RMB yuan/ton, and the tax included huangchunfa barrel was about 18000 yuan/ton. The market for sweat resistant testing machines was still light.

the supply of natural rubber in Chengdu was scarce. In order to meet the demand from automobile 1, the state-run Dongfeng bid price was about RMB 28000 yuan/ton. The price was high, but it did not form the mainstream, and the purchase gas was highly light

the coaxiality introduced by the detent pin positioning elimination device is between one yuan/ton for natural rubber in Shanghai, about 26000 yuan/ton for RSS3, and about 18000 yuan/ton for huangchunfa barreled, including tax. The market is light, and transactions are rare.

the price of natural rubber in Jiangsu remains stable at one yuan/ton, between one yuan/ton for 3L rubber in Vietnam, and about 26000 yuan/ton for RSS3 in Thailand. The market is light

the price of standard 1 in Zhejiang is stable at about RMB/ton, the price of 3L glue without ticket in Vietnam is about RMB 21900/ton, and the price of RSS3 is about RMB 26000/ton. Recently, the downstream demand is very light, and most traders wait and see. Note: the source of this reprint is indicated. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean that they agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their content

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