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PTA early review on April 13: the cost support PTA adjustment space is limited

due to the continuous rebound of upstream Px, the inhibition of crude oil high callback on the market is temporarily offset. Yesterday, Zhengzhou PTA opened slightly higher, graphene was found in 2004, which quickly triggered a worldwide research fever. At the beginning of the session, short sellers took a slight advantage, and the futures price was under pressure and weakened. The intraday fell to around 8660 to stabilize and adjust. At the end of the session, long buying interest gradually rebounded, driving the futures price to rise steadily, The early decline was reversed slightly, and the market closed at 8672 points. Downstream demand continued to be in the process of slow recovery, the load of Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms increased steadily, and the inventory was effectively digested. Supported by the stabilization of fundamental costs and the steady recovery of demand, it is expected that the pattern of short-term PTA adjustment will not change

on the upstream side, NYMEX crude oil futures closed lower for the fourth consecutive trading day on the 12th, because despite the good news that Greece was subsidized and the signs of strong crude oil demand in the Chinese market, investors' continued concern about excess supply in the US market exceeded the boost of the above factors

the settlement price of may light sweet crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by 58 cents, or 0.7%, to US $84.34 a barrel. Crude oil prices have closed lower in the past four trading days; The data released in the week of April 9 showed that the US crude oil supply increased for the 10th consecutive week, which led to the fall of oil prices from a 17 month high of nearly $87 per barrel

crude oil futures rose to US $85.71 per barrel in European and Asian trading hours the night before yesterday, up 1%, mainly affected by the decline of the US dollar against the euro; It is said that the European government will provide additional financial assistance to Greece to help it cope with its debt problem. In addition, China's crude oil demand data showed that China's crude oil import in March was close to a record high, which also provided further support for crude oil prices

however, after the opening of the U.S. market, the focus of investors' attention turned back to the issue of high supply, which greatly improved the stability and reliability of the system, thus pushing the oil price down to a low of $84.08 at one time, and then rebounded to a level close to $85 A barrel. U.S. crude oil inventory has risen for ten consecutive weeks, and has increased by about 11% compared with the five-year average level, while gasoline inventory before the driving peak is close to the 17 year high

pta import spot market is strong, the atmosphere of Taiwan goods has slightly rebounded, the sporadic quotation in the market is strong at USD/ton, the mainstream negotiation is near USD 995/ton, the South Korean supply is quoted at USD/ton, the seller is still reluctant to sell at a low price, the negotiation is about USD 965/ton, the market supply is not much, the merchant mentality is OK, and a small number of actual orders have been reached. East China domestic trade market is a very serious market with strong market. The price of sporadic offers is strong at 8300 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation is around 8250 yuan/ton. The market trading atmosphere is flat and the trading volume is low

the domestic polyester chip market has a small trading volume. The downstream spinning factories are mainly on the sidelines for the time being, the trend of semi gloss polyester chip and bright polyester chip is consolidated, and the market of CDP chip and polyester bottle chip is temporarily stable. In the market, the spot transaction price of semi-finished slices is 10200 yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered in March. The mainstream cash is generally 10150 yuan/ton; The spot transaction price of Youguang slicing is 10250 yuan/ton, which will be delivered in a short distance in three months, and the mainstream cash is generally 10200 yuan/ton; The spot transaction price of CDP slice Market is about 10950 yuan/ton, and it will be accepted and delivered within six months; Generally, the transaction price of polyester bottle chips delivered to the market is 10900 yuan/t

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