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While laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring have won the favor of Chinese consumers, another kind of wood flooring has quietly entered people's vision, which is cork flooring known as "the most environmentally friendly floor material" and "the quietest floor"

while laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring have won the favor of Chinese consumers, another kind of wood flooring has quietly entered people's vision, which is known as “ The most environmentally friendly ground material ” And “ The quietest floor ” Cork flooring

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“ Like a bottle stopper& rdquo; This is people's first impression of cork flooring. Since it can be used as a wine bottle stopper, it should be a very healthy material. Therefore, cork flooring has won the favor of some consumers. It naturally becomes the first choice of healthy flooring with its elastic foot feel, super mute and environmental protection. But it is precisely because of the above characteristics that people have always had considerable doubts about the use of cork as flooring: does it have enough wear resistance? Will it be pressed out of the pit by heavy furniture? Is it susceptible to moisture and deformation? Will there be worms? Is it easier to clean and take care of

question 1: can cork flooring withstand all kinds of friction in home life

when buying floor materials, people habitually rub the surface of the floor materials with sandpaper and some sharp things to judge its wear resistance. In the Portuguese cork Swiss flooring processing plant, the reporter also carried out experiments according to this method, and the results showed that the cork floor surface covered with wear-resistant materials such as ceramic paint did not leave any friction marks. In this regard, floor experts explained that after covering different levels of wear-resistant layers, the wear-resistant ability of cork floor surface is enough to withstand the normal friction of modern home life or public places

hear “ Cork ”, People are naturally misled by the name. According to Professor gaozhihua, a wood flooring expert, cork's “ Soft ”, It's not that it's not strong. On the contrary, due to the progress of modern processing technology, cork flooring not only has a strong appearance, but also maintains the characteristics of soft and elastic feet and no pain for the elderly and children when falling down. This is the biggest advantage of cork flooring. In addition, according to the book "Practical Guide to Chinese wood flooring" compiled under the auspices of Professor Gao, as early as 1932, cork flooring was paved into the original Beijing ancient book library, and it has been intact for more than 70 years. It can be said that the wear resistance and durability of cork flooring can stand the test of time

in addition, many consumers asked: “ Will placing heavy furniture press the cork floor out of the pit& rdquo; In this regard, cork experts explained that if the area of the furniture legs touching the ground is very small and the furniture is relatively heavy, the cork floor may indeed have local depressions, but because of the cork's special cell structure, it has the ability to restore its original shape after compression. Therefore, when the furniture is moved away for a period of time, the depressions will gradually return to flat. In addition, you can add padding to the legs of the furniture to reduce the pressure, so as to avoid the above situation

expert Troubleshooting: qualified cork flooring has high-strength wear resistance, good resistance to the friction of wheelchairs and wheeled furniture, and good resistance to compression and recovery

question 2: is cork susceptible to moisture and deformation due to its tiny air bag

because cork flooring seems to have a less dense texture, people are naturally “ Soft ” The material is still in doubt. Will it be easy to be damp and deformed, or easy to hide dirt

the production process of cork flooring is very rigorous. Cork bark has experienced a series of “ Experience ” Process: crushing, screening, filtering, stirring, hot pressing, curing, finishing, etc. the process of hot pressing and forming makes the granular cork raw materials form a stable and balanced whole. Although the cork naturally has tiny air bags, the treated cork has become pure cork particles, and then rearranged together in a way of artificial hot pressing to form a new structural system. For the outside, It is completely dense and closed, and will not leak oil and water. Cork floors with a certain moisture content are not easy to be affected by moisture and deformation, and will not hide dirt. In addition, the cork floor with special surface treatment can also be used in wet spaces such as kitchen and bathroom

expert Troubleshooting: cork naturally has the characteristics of liquid impermeability. Cork flooring is a product treated by hot pressing and other processes. Its surface is complete and closed, which is not easy to be affected by moisture and deformation, and will not hide dirt. The existence of about 40million tiny air bags per cubic centimeter makes cork a natural insulator, in which 50% of the air has good thermal insulation effect

question 3: Although cork flooring is close to nature and feels warm, is it easy to breed bacteria

raw insects are completely a misunderstanding of cork flooring. When the question about whether there are insects was raised to the technicians of the cork factory, they said “ Absolutely impossible ”, This doubt is caused by the fact that cork flooring or cork wallboard has achieved a particularly natural texture in terms of visual effect, which makes consumers who do not know the production process worry that it will produce insects

due to the specific processing procedures, cork raw materials enter the factory from the forest, and will undergo a series of cleaning, screening and hot pressing treatment. Finally, they will be bonded with high-density fiberboard, attached with cork veneer and insulating cork layer to form a finished cork floor. Therefore, although a cork floor looks so natural and natural, it already has the tenacious personality endowed by technology and technology, To meet the needs of use

expert Troubleshooting: the texture and texture of cork floor surface are determined by the process of processing cork bark. It is close to nature and has stable performance. It has been verified that cork floor will not breed mold, let alone insects, and will not cause any allergic reaction to human body




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