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The living room is a place for families to receive guests, drink tea and entertain, so we should pay more attention to it when decorating. The ceiling of the living room needs to be equipped with various lamps and lanterns, which also looks fashionable. Crystal lamps are loved and purchased by many consumers because they can bring elegance and fashion to the room. The reason why the crystal lamp can shine brightly is mainly due to the purity, cutting surface and lead content of the crystal ball. Therefore, when shopping, consumers should see whether the crystal ball has cracks, bubbles, water ripples and impurities. Only the crystal ball that is crystal clear can play light. Now let's learn about the relevant knowledge of the crystal lamp in the living room

I believe friends who have experience in decoration are no strangers to the crystal lamp in the living room. Today, let's learn about the relevant knowledge of the crystal lamp in the living room. Crystal lamps on the market generally start at 1000 yuan. Among them, the origin and purity of crystal are the main factors causing the price difference. Crystal is actually a kind of glass, which is a kind of purified product. The price varies according to its lead content. Therefore, when you buy crystal lamps, you should carefully identify high-quality crystals through their crispness and transparency

installation method of crystal lamp in the living room

installation method of crystal lamp in the living room - tool materials

prepare the tool materials in advance. Tools and materials before construction, such as safety ladders, screwdrivers, screws, pliers, rulers, hammers and electric hammers

installation method of crystal lamp in living room - test voltage

each set of lamps must be connected to ground wire and live wire

installation method of crystal light in the living room - fix the ceiling

first turn off the power, fix the crystal chain on the ceiling at the installation position, and reserve a certain length, so that the lighting angle can be adjusted later

installation method of crystal lamp in the living room - connect the line

peel off the insulating rubber of the wire with wire stripper, thread the wire into the central hole of the crystal chandelier base, use insulating tape for the wire between the line and the chandelier, and pay attention to the correct separation of ground wire and live wire

installation method of crystal lamp in the living room - install lamps and lanterns

the installation of crystal chandeliers pays attention to many things. There are standard specifications for the length of links, the height of chandeliers, and the installation position of lamps and lanterns

how to maintain the crystal lamp in the living room

maintain the balance of the lamp body: if you want to remove all the bead strings for cleaning, large lamps should pay attention to the balance of the lamp body when removing the bead strings, and should be removed in combination with the front, back, left and right

wiping of crystal beads: when wiping the beads, the soft cloth is stained with water diluted with detergent, and the front and back of the crystal beads are wiped at the same time

wipe the bracket accessories: when wiping the brackets and accessories, do not touch the soft cloth with water or alcohol, so as not to affect the gloss effect of the lamp holder

timely replace accessories: if the connecting buckle is rusty and discolored, it is best to replace it by the way; If the bead string is found to be defective, it should be filled in time

living room crystal lamp Feng Shui taboo

1 For friends born in February, April and April in spring, choose the yellow crystal lamp and place it on the east or southeast of the living room

2. Keep a lamp on all night, which can not only illuminate at night, but also supplement energy. Keeping the lamp on for a long time can boost vitality

3. Crystal can help improve wealth. Generally, you can choose Amethyst, topaz and green ghost. Amethyst and green ghost are both used to make money, while citrine is used to help make money

4. The lighting shape is better to be round and square, and the strange shape has a bad meaning in Feng Shui. Red light is easy to cause irritability, uneasiness and tension. It is best not to use it

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of the installation methods of crystal lights in the living room and the relevant knowledge of Feng Shui taboos. I hope to help friends who need this! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia mall to buy your favorite products





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