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Rongshida's "looking for the most beautiful bride" activity has been warmly pursued since its launch, attracting more than 10000 people to vote. The top three winners have won the grand prize presented by Rongshida respectively. There are more opportunities for gifts. Please continue to pay attention to Rongshida activities

accidental encounter, eternal protection; Instant beauty, instant freeze frame! In this romantic season, the most beautiful bride met Rongshida home and composed a romantic and sweet "looking for the most beautiful bride" activity! Since the voting of "looking for the most beautiful bride" held by Rongshida home, tens of thousands of people have been attracted to vote, which is very popular. After a series of wonderful competitions, the event was settled with the dust of various awards, and a perfect sentence was drawn

I believe everyone cares about who will be the "most beautiful bride" we are looking for? Who will spend the 10000 yuan cabinet award? Who will get a set of Rongshida smoke stove? Who is the mysterious heart warming gift bag for? Today, I will solve this mystery for you

the winner of the grand prize announced:

first place: Deng Mei prize: a set of Rongshida simple love blister cabinet

second place: Zhao Xiaolan prize: a set of Rongshida range hood + safety stove + disinfection cabinet

third place: Zhou Yuanyuan prize: a Rongshida super warm gift bag

this activity, Rongshida home keeps its promise, Local dealers were arranged to personally present the romantic Award "simple love" blister cabinet to Miss Deng, the first prize winner of "looking for the most beautiful bride", and it was carefully installed, which was highly praised by her family

Miss Deng was pleasantly surprised when she touched this cabinet that was extremely simple and owned without spending money. Looking back on the past ten days, I have been completely holding a game attitude, calling friends, forwarding, spreading, sharing, mobilizing the power of the circle of friends, constantly voting, very confident and passionate, thinking that no matter whether I can get a prize or not, as long as I strive for it, I will have no regrets. But when Rongshida household fulfilled its promise, she couldn't help shouting: "Rongshida is really an honest company. Fortunately, I participated in the activity, believed in myself and Rongshida. It's really awesome! The cabinet I dreamed of was really given to me!"

from curiosity to play, from sharing and forwarding voting to really winning the grand prize, many fans who participated in the "looking for the most beautiful bride" activity of Rongshida home have experienced the process of doubt, enthusiastic communication, crazy canvassing, and finally their dreams come true

so, dreams are necessary, in case they come true

next, Rongshida will continue to hold a series of wonderful activities, and more gifts are waiting for you. Please pay attention to the "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom" official account and the "Zhongshan Rongshida kitchen and bathroom appliance" subscription number for details. Don't hesitate




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