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In the market environment where promotional information is flying everywhere, how should wardrobe enterprises occupy a place in the promotional market during the May Day holiday, and how to catch the attention of consumers who are hot eyed. Previous promotional activities can not meet today's market at all, and continuous innovative marketing methods can adapt to the present. Quality and service wardrobe future development direction! Whole house custom furniture brand Deville

innovation has become a necessary means for wardrobe enterprises to promote

products are always the core competitiveness of enterprises, and wardrobe is no exception. How to attract consumers at a glance in the wardrobe ocean? The unique product features have more advantages than others, and innovation has to occupy the primary position in the production of wardrobe products. We seek differences and independent innovation from the aspects of R & D, design, material selection, production technology, and integrate fashion, science and technology, environmental protection and other hot spots of the times, so we have achieved many trends, such as collecting wardrobes, customized wardrobes, intelligent wardrobes, simple environmental protection wardrobes and so on

the rise of experiential sales

experiential sales is quietly rising. Many wardrobe brands have appeared experience stores, which can give customers a direct experience of using products, establish trust in products and brands in the experience, and wardrobe brands can also show strong brand charm and drive consumption growth. For the heavy taste of the previous "price war", the experiential style is like a little fresh, which gives consumers a bright feeling in front of them, attracts consumers' attention, and breaks the "psychological fatigue" of consumers due to a single price promotion "Current situation, therefore, the innovation of sales means in the wardrobe industry is imperative.

1000 users have 1000 ideas

the wardrobe marketing campaign under the new situation needs to be presented in the form of dialogue rather than monologue. The wardrobe industry in Europe and even the world is increasingly trying to reach the audience through creative and novel ways, so that people can experience the style of the wardrobe through the digital media campaign, and enable consumers to share their views And feelings. This kind of experiential sales is to create a real experience of buying wardrobe, so that everyone can find resonance -- because we all want to have our own distinctive wardrobe, rather than copy others' wardrobe

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