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Thousands of people gathered to participate in the grand ceremony. On December 26, 2015, the 15th anniversary ceremony and supplier conference of canoya were held in Huadu, Guangzhou. More than 1000 employees, more than 100 supplier representatives and dozens of media witnessed it

thousands of people gathered to participate in the grand ceremony. On December 26, 2015, the 15th anniversary ceremony of canoya and the supplier conference were held in Huadu, Guangzhou. More than 1000 employees, more than 100 supplier representatives and dozens of media witnessed it

At the beginning of the grand event, the chairman of canoya, Cheng Guobiao, addressed the 15th anniversary ceremony and supplier conference of canoya. In his speech, President Cheng briefly summarized the joys and sorrows of canoya in the past 15 years, and expressed his best wishes to all colleagues and guests

at this special moment, Mr. Cheng also expressed the joy of celebrating the grand ceremony with the supplier guests, the media from all walks of life and all canoya employees, and also expressed canoya's magnificent spirit of working together with you in the future

Lai Yongjing, general manager of Kanoya marketing center, also delivered a speech at this annual meeting, in which he combined Kanoya's review of the past year and made strategic guidance for the future development of the enterprise. Disclosed the determination and good wishes of the enterprise and employees to work together

Mr. Lai said that in the past 15 years, canoya has written a legend of the overall customized home furnishing industry with strength, achieved the integration of independent production, R & D and sales, and developed into more than 600 franchised stores all over the country. High quality products and services have been recognized by the society and consumers

with its excellent service and strength, canoya has successively won dozens of honorary titles such as "executive chairman unit of wardrobe special committee of all China Federation of industry and commerce". The recognition of the society and the public praise of consumers are the infinite power for canoya to move forward. In the future, canoya will give back to the society and consumers with a more rigorous spirit of innovative service, and strive to realize the big business strategy of 1200 franchised stores, 500 million dealers, and the delivery of high-quality products and services to thousands of households and successful listing by 2020

at this annual meeting, President Lai also outlined Kanoya's basic strategic vision for the future, which is magnificent and inspires morale. Let all the staff on site look forward to it, and at the same time get the high recognition of the cooperative enterprises present. The speech also conveyed the heartfelt wishes of general manager Lai Yongjing for canoya to become a butterfly and shine high

supplier leaders delivered a speech

in this annual meeting, excellent supplier representatives who have worked together with canoya for many years were also invited to speak. In the speech, the brilliant deeds of working together with canoya were described respectively, and it was emphasized that in the future, we are willing to work together with canoya to win new breakthroughs in product quality and service, focus on the quality of health and environmental protection, work together with canoya to eliminate the old, implement scientific and technological innovation, send more environmental protection and health products to the majority of consumers, and care for every family that chooses canoya products, We will work together to implement the corporate vision of "let the family be infinitely beautiful because of us with the continuous efforts of Kanoya people". Finally, we also jointly expressed our good wishes and firm confidence in the future development of Kanoya

gold medal Supplier Award

senior employee award

in the celebration of Huanhuan Festival, canoya did not forget the meritorious deeds of the enterprise, and grandly held the award of senior employees for more than 7 years and more than 10 years at the annual meeting. Dozens of enterprise meritorious deeds received the company's respect on behalf of all employees. Kanoya is a good enterprise that cares for employees and cares for the team. She not only provides a platform for the development of employees, but also treats employees like family members, sharing honor and disgrace, advancing and retreating together

Kanoya is also a large-scale enterprise with win-win development with partners. All employees of Kanoya gathered together with suppliers and media guests from all walks of life at this dinner. Celebrating the feast together is the best witness. We are happy to work together and make progress together

colorful annual meeting program

during the official opening of Kanoya annual meeting, there were funny sketches of employees at a happy moment, hot and beautiful youth songs and dances of employees, innovative musical instrument performances with both classical and fashionable styles, and programs such as drum games and lottery ceremonies that ignited the scene, all of which ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. The whole party was wonderful, the on-site interaction was continuous, and the atmosphere was hot, At the same time, it also shows Kanoya's strong team atmosphere and corporate culture

the 15th anniversary ceremony and supplier conference of canoya is an annual event for senior executives, employees and suppliers. The successful holding of this event not only enhances the cohesion of all employees of canoya, but also shows the good corporate culture and atmosphere of canoya incisively and delicately, and conveys the vision of canoya as a virtuous person and the pursuit of win-win cooperation

canoya expects more suppliers to cooperate with canoya with higher service requirements and move towards a win-win development future; At the same time, Kanoya looks forward to the participation of elites from all walks of life to compose the legendary enterprise road of Kanoya





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