Nanjing Qixia No. 1 hotel decoration is off, and s

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China Jiangsu network, May 16 (reporter renguoyong, correspondent Qi gongxuan) Mr. Wang is the owner of a hotel in Yanziji, Qixia District. Two days ago, he hurried to the police station to report that seven external air conditioners of his hotel were unloaded and he didn't know when they were stolen

when the police made the inquiry record, they learned that Mr. Wang had closed down the hotel for renovation since February this year. The hotel has been closed. Mr. Wang thought that there were no people going in and out, and it seemed unnecessary to turn on the monitoring. In addition, he had been very "peaceful" before, so he turned off the monitoring and left only one person in the hotel to guard the construction site. But unexpectedly, on the 13th, when Mr. Wang brought someone to the hotel to repair electrical appliances, he suddenly found that the seven external air conditioners originally installed on the second floor of the hotel were all gone. He was immediately blindfolded, and the left behind staff also looked confused and surprised, saying that they had not heard anything. Wang said that the hotel was under decoration and would not leave cash in the hotel, so they didn't pay attention to theft prevention. They didn't expect that the air conditioners welded on the outer wall would be stolen, and they didn't even know when those air conditioners disappeared. At present, the police have filed a case for investigation





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