The hottest April 1 China Plastics spot PVC market

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On April 1, China Plastics spot PVC price index rose 15.60 points to 928.01 points, and China Plastics spot index rose 3.66 points to 979.73 points

I. upstream express:

at the close of Tuesday, West Texas light oil may futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $49.66 a barrel, up $1.25 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 47 00 USD; May Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange reached US $49.23 per barrel, up US $1.24 from the previous 300000 yard trading day, with a trading range of 47 $81

on Tuesday, Asian ethylene closed in USD/T CFR Northeast Asia and USD/T CFR Southeast Asia, with a stable trend. European ethylene closed in euro/ton FD northwest Europe and USD/ton CIF northwest Europe, with a stable trend. Us ethylene closed at 24 505 cents/pound, stable trend

II. Manufacturer's news:

the PVC price of Jiangsu Wuxi greenhope has increased. The ex factory price of type 5 material is about 6400 yuan/ton, and that of type 8 material is about 6500 yuan/ton. The delivery of goods by the enterprise is acceptable. There is inventory. At present, the plant is under full load

the old PVC plant in Tianyuan, Yibin, Sichuan is started up and discharged. The operating rate of the plant is not high. At present, the manufacturer still does not make external quotations

the price of PVC in Dagu, Tianjin is stable. The local ex factory quotation is 6500 yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation outside the province is 6200 yuan/ton. The overall shipment of the enterprise is stable, the inventory pressure is not great, and the operating rate of the device is maintained at 80% so that the natural rubber can be extracted. The factory needs multi-party cooperation in the industrial chain to get twice the result with half the effort. The family said that the routine maintenance time in the first half of the year has not been determined

Henan Shenma PVC plant was shut down for maintenance last Wednesday, but it still hasn't been started. At present, there is basically no inventory, and the enterprise said that it still needs maintenance for a few days. Hebei Xinfeng PVC plant is still in the shutdown state, and PVC will not be quoted for the time being. The specific start-up time will depend on the market situation

III. local market conditions:

there is a hype atmosphere in the PVC market of Qilu Chemical City. The transactions are generally small orders. The market price continues to rise. The price of s700 is 7350 yuan/ton, the price of S1000 is 7150 yuan/ton, and the price of qs1050p is 6700 yuan/ton. The above prices include tax

affected by the rise of upstream enterprises, the market price of PVC in Sichuan is higher. At present, the price of type 5 ordinary calcium carbide materials delivered to Sichuan is RMB/ton. The operating rate of downstream plants is not high, and the demand is poor, so they can be purchased as soon as they are used

the overall supply and demand of PVC market in Hangzhou is balanced, the demand is not smooth, but the high price transactions are limited. Cost support and tight supply of goods pushed the market quotation upward. For type 5 ordinary electrical aggregate, the quotation for mainstream delivery is 6500 yuan/ton, and 50 yuan/ton is added for some materials

the overall supply of PVC in Changzhou is small, the supply and demand of the market is basically balanced, and businesses have confidence in the market. The transaction change is not obvious, and the downstream is mostly on the sidelines. Market merchants actively follow the rise of petrochemical enterprises. At present, the mainstream price of type 5 ordinary electric stone is RMB/ton. The price of ethylene materials is very high. The delivery price is usually 6600 yuan/ton, which requires a well sealed contact surface. The price of some imported ethylene materials is about 6400 yuan/ton

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